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Opinion: Amateurs Run Amok (but you can catch them; they are slow)
My Life at First Try: This soulful tale about a perpetual outsider marks a debut well worth celebrating. People Magazine

It used to be that when someone mentioned amateurs, I thought of the person who hits himself on the finger with a hammer, or pricks herself with a needle just below the thimble. Or maybe blows a fuse or two. Someone inept, pathetic and sad, but mostly harmless.

Now, I take a much more sinister view.

The recent case of the Russian spy who couldn't make her laptop connection work seems to me to be the latest drop in the sea of amateurism that threatens to engulf America (though, of course, it's not just an American phenomenon).


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By the way, Gina Misiroglu of Red Room put me in touch with the AOL people, which is one of the great ways she's bringing traffic to Red Room and getting attention for Red Room's authors.