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One author withdrew his manuscript from Vestal Review for the following reason: "The reason for withdrawal is: It's going to be rejected anyway." Have courage, fellow writers.   No need for such self-prophesy.
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A longtime Republican, I voted Sept. 14 in the New York state primary to defeat Carl Paladino on his way to becoming our next governor. Paladino is the loudest voice of the shrill cacophony of the tea party cries in my state. He's a local, male Sarah Palin. I don't have any problems with tea...
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Recently, several Brits and Swedes traveled to India and Pakistan to have...
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- The Local Jobs for America Act proposes to spend up to $100 billion to create and save a million public and private jobs in communities this year. While a million jobs sounds like a huge number, let's look at the money spent on that task and analyze the premise. What does it mean to "...
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It used to be that when someone mentioned amateurs, I thought of the person who hits himself on the finger with a hammer, or pricks herself with a needle just below the thimble. Or maybe blows a fuse or two. Someone inept, pathetic and sad, but mostly harmless. Now, I take a much more sinister...
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 Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to come up with a politically incorrect limerick that involves the typical conundrum of a technology project manager, presents a geography lesson and teaches ESL students the usage of the interrogative pronoun “what,”   Continue reading.
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New Feature: Destroyer of the Worlds™ (DOW). Enter. You win. The humanity wins. DOW loses.
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If I were to pick the single-biggest issue that dampens the American spirit, damages our economy and ruins our future, it would be unemployment. Total nonfarm payroll employment declined by 125,000 in June; the unemployment rate is 9.5 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics...
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A new social network site to combine Myspace, Facebook, YouTube and AdultFriendFinder.  Get off My Face, You. 
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So, you want to be an editor? Want to live the life of glory and power? How about reading some real-life email from would be contributors first? 1. If I read your guidelines, I wouldn’t have time to write. 2. F..k  you, and your guidelines.  If you don't love it now you'll love it later.  So hope...
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An Open Letter to Men Who Don't Wash Their Hands in the Public Bathroom By Mark Budman I know this is nothing compared to a roadside bomb, campus shootings or the health care fiasco, but why don't you stop for thirty lousy seconds to wet your hands with water? Perhaps you are hungry for some finger...
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People ask me if there is room in a flash fiction story for exposition.  In skillful hands, exposition might be arousing. However, if you mean "discourse or an example of it designed to convey information or explain what is difficult to understand," then there is little room for that in a...
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There is no point to do a  reading in a book store. You have to travel, sometimes far. You have to spend your time and strain you vocal cords. And what for? For 5-6 books sold? It's not worth it. So don't do it unless you're having fun.  I always have.
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