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Feedback & Praise for "A Gift from Brittany"
A Gift from Brittany

"...When you wake up at five in the morning to continue reading, you know that the book has pulled you in! Written with both passion and restraint, the book resonates with the reader throughout. "

"All I can say is how poignant, how haunting, how memorable your story!"

"...a sudden, violent summer storm in the fields of new-mown hay; the tide receding from a rocky shore; a black-clad Breton woman gathering mussels in her knotted apron; the brilliant artist husband whose dark side gradually emerges — all are captured in quick, deft strokes and integrated with Price's own journey to self-awareness as an artist."

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"I loved this book. It is a wonderful, loving tribute to a special woman who was the product of a dying way of life. [...] This is a story that is at once heartwarming and heartbreaking. Here is a peek at a European way of life that endured for centuries and then completely died out in a few decades. It is one of the best memoirs that I have ever read and I highly recommend it. It would be an excellent choice for book clubs."

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"... 'A Gift from Brittany' did not disappoint on any account. [...] It is the relationship between Jeanne, the 70 year old illiterate peasant woman, and Mitch (her pronunciation of Midge) that is the crux of this story [...] On the surface there should be no reason why these two women would ever speak to one another, much less become close friends [...] [T]hey do not even speak the same language, yet over time they learn to confide in one another their most intimate thoughts. The relationship they share is one that many of us long for, and we are privileged to have the opportunity to witness this friendship grow and develop into full maturity. The beauty of this narrative is greatly enhanced by the beauty of the author's language."

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