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today, i didn't imagine that i'll be putting myself in a very shameful moment ever..... i have this stylish stilleto which i use when walking...ofcorz...for walking...hehehe...i look fabulous and awesomely mouthwatering, almost all of the people i passed through seemed really mesmerize by the beauty i posses....boys were crazy straing at me, girls were insecured and some where jz oblivious and judging. anyway, i lost the coherence of the story..hehehe...as i was telling...im walking down the mystreolane, when people stare at me with different reactions, when my fabulous stilleto shoes snaped out of nowhere!!! kalowka to the 1000pts! dunno wat to to do! people jz seem disappointed, some were laughing and so am i...but i gotta keep goin even under that ircumstances. im late to appointment and really dunno wat to do. as i walked, crossed the streets.. ect... bare footed...suddenly i stopeed and think...then as i reached a basketball court, i asked a boy if he could lend me his flipflops. thankfully, he didn't refuse cause maybe i seemed so watever...hehehehmy feet!!!huhuh...i dnt want to criticise the boy's slippers coz it was really...however, im rellealy thankful to him...hulog xa ng langit! hehehe...then i got home crazy laughing to wat i've been to...hehehe...i told my sisters wat happened and they jz like me lauhging out loud. on the other hand, the lesson of the story is always get prepared for the unexpexted happenings, coz u wouldnt knw wats gonna happen.


in addition to my clumsy moments. when i was in college, as i walked down the stairs with my high heeled shoes. i stambled all the way till the last step of that stairs with a very funny posistion. i was seated on ny butt with my legs apart and silly-looking shoes over the floor...but wat was embarassing there was... i fell in front of a class having their lessons in the adjacent stairs. what can u say? were in the same scholl and i might end up being laughing stuff. despite of wat happened, i still managed to stand up straight and walk with smile and dignity. and when i was in the class room i looked messed up and my classmates were jz making hehehehehehe.......