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The Turn Around

My literary heroes where from the bible, the Lord gave me my gift to write. Now I'll share a poem that gave me the Turn Around

The Turn Around
Of a
Lonely Sinner

I was a sinner man, a backslider, one of Satan's warriors. For a long time, I was doing bad things to my temple and I could not get past a certain hump or barrier.

I would almost get through by digging my way out, but it kept filling back up with dirt. Fast as I give God the praise, just as soon as I would open my mouth to shout. Shout to say I made it over to other side I am done. I am pull back down into the pit, the devil is laughing at me saying "No! No! No!" I have won.

I have fallen so many times that I thought God had gave up on me. I could not come back to Him. I was wrong, that is what the devil wants you and me to think. God love me no matter what. I am His child for however long. He wants me to have what is rightfully mine and to be in the kingdom with Him, by His side.

Proverbs 24:18 say a righteous man falls seven times and he rises again. God will forgive you that many times for your sins. Man is not a bad person because he has fallen so many times. He does not have to stay there in that mess and whine. The Lord gave His life so that we may live. In one of those times, you get up and realize it is your turn to give, give Him the Praise.

In Isaiah 44:25, God forgives and forgets your transgressions, tosses them into the sea of forgetfulness, never to be heard again. We worry about what others think of us, when we should only worry what God think of us. We should be praising and worshiping Him for everything, the good, and the bad all-day and everyday.

A saint is just a sinner who fell down and I fell down many times, got up, and bounced back. It was a long road, to do what is right.
I have to stay on the battlefield for the Lord and fight.
Until He calls me home, to sit by His side at the throne, I know I am never alone.

Copyright 2006 MLJ Recovery