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Have you tried something different lately?

Well, I have just came back from a Spinning class, which – until some days ago - I considered a complete crazy and masochistic activity. I usually go to the gym, work out... I don't love it, but I make that effort because it's important for my health and so on. On the other hand, I could not image myself riding the bike (that doesn't move?!) with ten people in a closed room, where the lights are off, there are "nightclub-songs" (which, so far, are not my type of music) playing and an instructor saying, I mean, screaming motivation words.

 For me it looked like a nightmare. I have a friend who used to do this, I remember I called her crazy plenty of times. The other day, I saw another acquaintance, who has just finished a class, and she was melting. Oh Lord! I couldn't understand how somebody could be happy doing that...

Then... About two weeks ago my left fist started aching. I went to the Doctor, he told me I could no longer lift weights because I have an inflammation, he advised me to go on aerobic exercises. So, last week I went to the gym and told my instructor I would have to change the kind of exercises I do. He told me to try some other types...

As I want to keep exercising I am following his suggestion, today I have tried the Spinning stuff, which he told me would be three times more difficult then lifting weights. 

Even though, what a surprise! I really liked the experience of having a different kind of music making me move! I could feel like I was climbing a mountain as the charge was getting heavier.

Another positive observation, I am shy, and I don't like too much people around when I have a challenge and there, despite the full room, each one was so hardly concentrated on his/her efforts that I did not feel uncomfortable with their presence.

I love this feeling of trying someone different because of the challenge, but I like it much more when it happens to be a positive experience. And the sensation of "cleaning" a prejudiced idea is so much regarding!


What about you? Have you been surprised because of something you judged as not so good, or something like that?

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Hi Marina, A spinning class

Hi Marina, A spinning class sounds like fun!

I am also very shy and one of my greatest sources of angst is any form of public speaking. It used to be bad in my teens. I dropped many a class when I was put to the task of standing up before the class or called on.

I'm glad you posed these questions at the end. Two experiences I plan as my goals to do and "be surprised" are one day taking and completing a public speaking course. And second to take and complete a beginning drawing course--this one I dropped several times because I didn't have the patience.

It's a great feel to conquer our fears or perceived limitations!

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To answer your question:

To answer your question: yes! And it´s one of the most beautiful things in life when we are surprised by something we thought we wouldn´t like or we thought we were not so good at. :-)

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Hi Rebbecca! We suffer too

Hi Rebbecca!

We suffer too much because we think we cannot do some things, or we lose time judging things as bad things. It's refreshing to feel that you are able to do different stuff, specially when you thought you were bad at this.
Tell me when you get what you want ;-)

Yes, Luciana!
I'm surprised lately because I've realized I can do lots of things, it makes me feel "bigger", or "amplified"! It's just amazing!