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Holen Kahn, Filmmaker, at the open market in Auvillar
I'll be teaching a poetry workshop in Auvillar, France, June 12-18, for the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, my favorite artist colony.   The workshop is limited to 8-10 participants, and some writers have already enrolled.  The little town of Auvillar is one of the most beautiful villages in...
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One of my terrific women students gave me a poem to savor.  It's all surface, but it's good at what it does-- "Crush"  by Beverly Rollwagen   She just wants to have a crush on him, private and harmless.  Not like love, which requires so much.  Crawling through the dark over ex-wives and...
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Some chemical in my brain seems to have kicked in yesterday, the first full day off from teaching at the university. Poems came flooding over me.  I wrote five or six blues songs and funky narratives in the series about Orpheus and Euridice, and Dante and Beatrice in East Tennessee.  Surely out of...
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Cat on Jim
My daughter the journalist disapproved of the cat photo I placed on my blog about Jim Morrison's grave.  So I'm including here another view of the cat who guards Jim.  Heather reminds me that the cat is not on Jim's grave, but next to it, watching over.   The grave itself is low to the ground,...
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I wrote a poem at school last week--a strong gust of inspiration came across my desk, even with the windows closed.  The poem was part of the Dante/Beatrice incarnate in East Tennessee series--I use the past tense, because I can't find it!  I've rifled through my folders and notebooks and bookbags...
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Got a stunning phone call this morning, from an impish David Del Tredici, former Pulitzer prize winner for his symphony "Alice."   David had set one of my poems, earlier named "German Phone Sex," now called "Trout."  The poem is in "Circe, After Hours," and...
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You've probably seen this today.   If not, head's up!  (Sorry, it's really not funny).   For future reference, Sarah, don't give interviews in front of a slaughter house, at least while head-chopping is going on.   http://www.youtube.com/v/z-kjM1asH-8&colorl=Oxlblbl&color2=Oxcfcfcf&fs=l...
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The cat who guards Jim Morrison's grave
A tender-hearted friend who loves cats, and who bears some resemblance to Jim Morrison, just told me that he was prevented from visiting Jim's grave at Pere Lachaise in Paris.  Sounds as if his ex didn't want him to slide into some darkly romantic fantasy.  (Honey, poets are going to go down that...
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The "collective shop" in which we're tinkering is Red Room, and Lewis Hyde was right.  Writers thrive on the unobstructed circulation of creative ideas.  Our creations are the lifeblood of the artistic community.  And as he wrote in "The Gift" decades ago, the one who gives away...
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I had to let go of my wonderful public relations person, as I will need the money for France this spring.  (FYI, good pr is not cheap!)  So I'm back to self-reliance about promoting the next book.  Since this volume includes a distillation of 40 years of writing poetry, it's a big deal to me.  Of...
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Saying Goodbye   We embraced, there in the parking lot of the ordinary. How could I know your arms were arguing last things? Your cheek in my hair. For a moment, I pressed against you.  Goodbyes can be vast. In a breath, we traded lives.  I didn't know you were a cliff I had reached the edge of....
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Just as I predicted, right before grades are due the students compliment me more, and want to touch me.  This is to a certain extent about grades, and wanting to seduce the teacher into a higher mark.  We as teachers need to show the students other models for interacting with members of the...
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Last Sunday at Jewish Book Day, Borders Books in Knoxville, we filled the store with poetry, stories, laughter and tears, and Klezmer music, of course!   The entire Jewish community gathers for several hours to schmooze, buy books by Jewish authors, dance to Klezmer music, to kvell about our...
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Right before finals, students become more friendly.  Some undergraduate males behave affectionately, and try to touch me, to pet me.  Sometimes I'm not fast enough to stop it.  Recently one of my recent undergrads hugged me (twice), in the departmental mail room, in front of my colleagues, acting...
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It Can't Happen   Not now not ever not at your house, your living room, your couch, not in the late afternoon not while my husband's waiting my daughter's on hold not at my house not in the hot tub not with wine coke or dope not with Mexican, Colombian, or hydrotropic, not now.    Not in my office...
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