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Once, when I was a writing Fellow (I'll never be a fellow, but that's what they called us) at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, a magician visited to entertain us.  He was the boyfriend of one of the painters.   He told us that he had just been engaged in doing on a special U.N. tour of...
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Good thing I'm on leave from teaching.  I'm rehearsing in the kitchen at every chance--when Lou's not home.  I need the privacy to rant and experiment with lines.   It's easy to memorize short poems--but a set of all short poems would be too simple.   So I'm working on longer pieces, too.   Can't...
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Not just erotic energy in today's mail, but the piano virtuosity of David Del Tredici, and the shattering, exquisite and comedic voice of soprano Melissa Fogarty.  David sent the CD with the song cycles he performed at the Thalia on Broadway, December 4th.  One of the cycles, "My Favorite...
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I remember hearing May Sarton read for the first time.  She spoke about how vulnerable poets are, how this is who we are when we create, as we open ourselves to feelings that are often raw.   Well, she was right, we dig in, we open a vein or two, metaphorically--maybe we even cannibalize ourselves...
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The Launch of PACKING LIGHT--the UT library poster, created by Martha Rudolph
I had to let go of my publicist--too expensive!  She taught me to send press releases ahead of the events in other cities, and to our own papers, not to be thin-skinned about sending blurbs, to double-check on calendars (they will drop your event by inattention).   Publicizing is a full time job...
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Just heard from our temple secretary that the stained glass windows in both Temple Beth El, and in the synagogue, Heska Amuna, have been badly damaged by rocks that were thrown.   This is the first time such desecration has occurred in more than 100 years of our  existence here in town (50 years in...
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Packing Light: New and Selected Poems
When I arrived home tonight, the best present ever was waiting for me on my front step.  Two big boxes!  I didn't dare hope.   I poured myself a glass of scotch first and then carefully opened the top box.   It couldn't be!   Much too early! But yes, I recognized the alchemical symbols--the gold...
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How can we help our publishers through this dark season of no-book-buying?  People are keeping their wallets in their pockets--and we understand that.   But if we want our publishers to survive, and if we want them to continue to support our work through publication--what can we do? Yes, we're...
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An interview with me by poet/songwriter Matt Urmy just appeared in a beautiful international journal, PUBLIC REPUBLIC.  The interview is called "Poems Are Always Moving Through More Than One Dimension of Consciousness," (12/19).  Check it out!  The editors are really nice, smart, and open...
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More reasons to study with me in Auvillar this June: The village of Auvillar is on the ancient pilgrimage route of Saint Jacques of Compostella, a path through the mountains and valleys to Spain.   Pilgrims still walk this route.   Some of them are very handsome and strong, since they walk and walk...
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Aimable Stefane’s doggie doesn’t know he’s French, and I like him for that—no snippety tongue, no snobbery. He wags his stubby tail and grins. I like him for that—he doesn’t slobber, no kissy-kiss, he wags and grins, then ignores me so we can each return to business. No kissy-kiss, no wet...
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Your poetry will be enriched by savoring the delicious new experiences in Auvillar, a gem of a town. (Named "One of the Most Beautiful Villages in France.") You will write a new poem every day.  You will.  You will discover new strategies, new rhythms, new images and words.  Your words...
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Bocci ball with the village men!
The penultimate reason to take the writing workshop with me in France this June:  I have lived in the village of Auvillar, and have made contacts there among the villagers (and among the dogs).  I know elders and children.    I know Maria, the soothsayer, who lives by the canal.   She has the gift...
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Where were we?  Reasons to go to France this June, and to take my poetry workshop in Auvillar. Reason number 6:   You can't not write in Auvillar.  The air is perfumed with roses, the river is silver and green, the laughing gulls sound like tugboats from a children's book. Reason number 5:   The...
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olives in the open market
Number 10: You can buy 2005 Bordeaux at the supermarket in Valence d'Angens for about 4 Euros.  Some of these wines you will not find in the United States.  They are the color of rubies in a sunset, and they taste even better than their gleam. Number 9:  The cheese dealer in the open market at...
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