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What Does it Mean to a Writer to Have "Fans"?

My good friend Kali gave me an extraordinary gift.   She set up a fan page for me on Facebook.   And right away, former students of mine connected--I was so happy to find people I thought I'd lost.  And even happier to learn that they are still writing!   

And touched that my adult daughter is a "fan"!   I'm certainly a fan of hers.   (She is Heather Gross, an editor at the Springfield State Journal Register.)  All newspaper editors are heroes at this point in the history of print journalism.

Hope you'll view the fan page that Kali Meister set up:


 Maybe you'll want to set up one up for your friend, too.  I think it's good writerly karma!




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Neat gift!

A nice idea that costs us nothing but our time and energy!

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That's right--our precious time and a lick of energy--

I like it that my tech-savy friends are showing me the way, and that women writers are promoting women writers! 

Hope you're well!