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Utopia Has Wi-Fi!

That's right, this idyllic community, founded in the mid 1800's, New Harmony, Indiana, has wi-fi.  I'm in ecstacy.  The town is a little jewel of a village, replicas of old houses crafted by hand from brick or logs, art everywhere--even pear trees sculpted to look like dancers.  Tomorrow I'll start taking photos. 

I'm here with Laurel Smith who invited me to share her retreat. We took a long walk through the old city, down near the banks of the Wabash.  I'm enchanted.

 And all the more by the founder, a Rapp who fell in love with a teenaged "disciple" after his wife died.  The teen rejected him and ran away with someone her own age.  The founder, who was in his sixties, went even crazier, and the idyllic utopian community decompensated and fell apart.  But the businesses were doing well, the houses and land had been kept up, and the end of the world didn't come as Rapp had predicted it would.  So they sold the place and moved to Pennsylvania!

Isn't that an American dream of some sort?   The graveyard has no stones as the Harmonites thought the Rapture would leave no one to visit graves.   But there are some baby graves outside the unmarked Utopian adult mounds.  Go figure!  What do I know?  I'm a Reformed Jew and the closest we come to the Rapture has to do with matzo balls that float.