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Tomorrow, Paris!

Tomorrow morning I set out for Paris!  I'll drive to Toulouse, and God willing, find the airport, and parking, and then Easy-jet to Paris.  Once I'm on land again, I'll breathe a sigh of relief.  My hotel is in the Latin Quarter--a nice change for me.  I'll visit with my wonderful poet-friend Chantal Bizzini on Sunday.  She translates my poetry and I translate hers (mine sounds much better in French!) And Monday I'll interview the fabulous Marilyn Hacker, who is the best translator of contemporary French poetry that I know.

Then back here, a day or two in Auvillar, and I head out again, to pick up my daughter and go to Barcelona with her. Her choice of city--it's her vacation.

One thing at a time though.  First I need to find the Blagnac airport in Toulouse.  What?  My grandma Anna had never been out of her stetl  before she shipped out to Ellis Island.  I come by my anxieties honestly, if several generations late.  I do have a GPS, and it is programmed for Toulouse and to get me back here.

Once I make it to Paris, I'll be singing--rain or sun!  No computer, though.  I'm Packing Light.  You know me.

Let's see if the hotel has a terminal so that I can touch base.

A bientot!  Amities, Marilyn

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Happy travels, Marilyn!

Happy travels, Marilyn!

The Quartier Latin is a great place to have one of those crepes you promised you'd eat for me. There's a little stand right across from the Cluny, just past the McDo's off Blvd. St. Michel. The paninis there are good, too. Trois fromage for less than 3 euros. . .a bargain. I usually grab a bite, then take it either to the little park on the grounds of the Cluny or to Luxembourg Gardens in the 6th to eat and people watch.

Can you tell I'm mentally there with you?!

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I found them!

Swoon; swoon:  How many do I have to eat for you?  :)

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Just a bite or two. .

Just a bite or two. . .enough to satisfy my craving.  :-)

How's your French coming along, Marilyn?  Or were you already fluent?  I find immersion really brings mine along. 


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Too late! I've had more than a bite!

I'm fluent, and when I go back to France I start thinking and dreaming in French!

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I'm not fluent in French,

I'm not fluent in French, and I lose it when I'm not using it.  But, if I'm there for a while, it comes back, and I can get through most daily activities without relying on English.

I became fluent in Samoan when I was in the Peace Corps.  I felt so proud when I finally reached the point in which I didn't need to first mentally translate my English thoughts into Samoan, then speak them.  And the night of my first Samoan dream I was so chuffed. 


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Chuffed? Great word

That's a new word for me!

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have fun

one day I'll get there again...

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Thanks buddy!

Next summer? I'll be teaching the poetry workshop again in France--