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The Terror of Transition into Poetry

Getting ready to go to the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts is stressful, even though the place itself is a paradise for writers.   I've been there maybe 20 times, and each time it is hard to leave home for the writer's life, then hard to leave VCCA for secular time and teaching.   That time at the center is privileged time, sacred time, but it is also the test of my abilities.  The place lends itself to writing--so many fine artists have created there.   But each time one has to recreate the world in words, recreate a focused and yet open/transparent self.  Mostly it has worked over the last 30 years, and I have built a home in language.   But there's always the malaise, the almost-terror of re-entering the intensity of the creative domain. 

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Will you

write us at RR about your experience, or is it Internet-free zone?

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Upcoming residency at VCCA

Sure, I will be delighted to write about my experience at the writers' colony.   They have wireless!   Cheers to you and your work--stay tuned.     Warmly, Marilyn 

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Please say hello to the cows

Please say hello to the cows for me -- I miss them, and the staff, and my studio, and Robert Johnson (who is missed by all). What a wonderful description: "recreate the world in words, recreate a focused and yet open/transparent self." Happy writing, Marilyn. How fortunate to have spent so much time there. (Only two times for me.... and I would love to go back.)

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Thanks for your upbeat note--hope you get back into your studio

soon at VCCA!    I'll talk to the cows for you--

 Warmly, Marilyn