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The Impact of the Jerry Sandusky case on Young Writers

In the wake of the Jerry Sandusky case, the state of Tennessee has implented new policies at the universities for people working with minors.  At the University of Tennessee, we have been hosting a Young Writers Institute for twenty years.  We offer free writing workshops in every genre to high school students and their teachers.  Thousands of teens and their teachers have been served.

But not so fast!  This year we find ourselves having to go through criminal background checks.  Even our volunteers will have to go through this. Well, okay, maybe this caution is well-taken and warranted.

But we also have to go through computer training.  I haven't take it yet, but will let you know what I learn about not molesting minors.

"But we don't touch our students," I protested to the HR person.  "These are classes on writing. We're only in class for a few hours." 

No way out, we have to train. I hope this helps! I'm feeling frustrated and cynical, though.