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Stay Lean

I tell my beginning poetry students to stay lean, meaning to cut, pare, tighten, so that the line has musical resonance.  Yes, even sacrifice content for rhythm and sound.  Let go of adjectives, adverbs, editorializing.  "Stay lean," is probably my most frequent comment on the students' work, at first.

This tautness is second nature to my work.  But what about my life?  

This week, in preparation for a routine procedure at the hospital, I've been on a clear liquid diet for a few days, and have lost about a pound a day.  I feel better, younger, even.  I can run faster.

So my resolution is to keep the excess weight off, to stop eating things that aren't food.  Michael Pollan is my guide.  Keep the cream to a minimum, avoid the plastic.

Think of those great open markets in Auvillar and Valence d'Agen.  The bright colors and perfumes, gifts to all the senses.  The dazzling paella stands.   Okay, okay, I'm getting hungry!   Procedure will be over tomorrow by 5 p.m.

Then I'll begin to begin again, more consciously.  More slowly, savoring. 

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Happy new year..

Hope the procedure goes well, and I wish you a year completed with all these wise plans still in place. And may your year include the pleasure of those great open markets in Auvillar and Valence d'Agen while you leanly pick and choose from the birght colors and wonderful perfumes there.

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Happy New Year!

Thanks, Sue, all is well. Thanks to you--

Do you want to come with us to France in May? Would love to have someone with your kind spirit--
Cheers, Marilyn

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How I wish..

Would love to visit France--or almost any safe place--but that is not to be. Too many familly responsibilities in our lives.

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We'll travel with our books then...

in our reading!   Happy New Year!  love, Marilyn