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Preparing for a Performance: Poetry for the Knoxville Writers' Guild, August 1st

     My performance teacher, Kali Meister, a skilled actor and director, told me to do the breathing exercises first, then practice for about twenty minutes.  More than that, one can get bored.  Less is just not enough.

    But all practice is better than none.

    Some days I have to trick myself into practicing, whisper poems before I speak them. 

    Reciting in the car has always been easy for me.  For some reason the car seems like a safe space.  It's private in that bubble, and the movement helps the lines enter the unconscious.  At least, that's my theory.  And these days people just assume I'm talking to someone on the phone!

    I have two-thirds of my performance by heart.  I'm doing poems from The Love That Moves Me, and also a few even newer ones.  My goal, by Thursday August 1st is to have at least one more poem memorized and choreographed. 

    My friends and I laughed about a local news article heralding the reading, which stated that I was known for my "live" performances.  ("Better than the alternative!")  Probably the author meant "lively."  I took it in this positive spirit!

    I'm sharing the program this time with Keith Flynn, editor of the Asheville Poetry Review, and a wonderful singer as well as a terrific poet.  He has a new book out, also, Colony Collapse Disorder, from Wings Press.   Whatever I do, I know that the show will be a success because of Keith's involvement.

    If you're near the Laurel Theater in Knoxville on August 1, 7 pm, please drop by, corner of 16th and Laurel.  The show is free, but the Writers' Guild loves donations.   I'll bring some Angel's Envy (it's a decent bourbon).  And it won't be a zombie reading, I can promise you that!   If you're too far away and would like a show near you, shoot me a line and we can talk about making that happen, too!   mkallet@utk.edu.

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Wish I could be there, Marilyn!

What the journalist meant, I'm sure, was 'live wire'! :)

There's nothing like memorising poetry for performance, and when it's your own rhythms it helps. I've tended to do that walking the dog (in open country) since one is freer to be demonstrative.  The car is reserved for singing practice. About 60mph in a high wind are the only conditions I dare risk it these days!

Good luck with the show! Enjoy!

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Thanks so much, Rosy!

I love thinking of you walking the dog and reciting!   And in the car, too.

All cheers and thanks, with extra good wishes for your work!