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Paris is Cooling
A votre sante!

The air is cooler today in Paris, thank goodness--yesterday and the day before created record heat, and my little attic room overlooking the Latin Quarter was overwhelmed by the sun.   The coolness is making people nicer, including me.  

I've had a rich and sumptuous time, first with my lovely participants in Auvillar, where I taught poetry, and we had delightful weather during the whole workshop experience.  The landscape held that gilded Provencal kind of light that makes everything seem magical.   I kept falling in love with Auvillar and all its beings, its roses and ancient stones.  And we Americans felt more beautiful walking there.   My attachment to my students deepened as I got to know them better, and found them relaxed and easy to deal with.  Well, mostly!

Now I'm in Paris seeing friends, strolling along the Seine, buying books, thinking, dreaming.  I bought several new editions of Rimbaud's works, and have had them mailed home.

Today I'll meet the Parisian poet with whom I'm working, Chantal Bizzini, and we'll go to see her latest art exhibit after lunch.  Our rencontres are always life and work affirming.  The ocean seems like no big deal when friends are able to reconnect in a breath.

Friday I head home, God and the volcano willing!  I have the rabbi's travel prayer in my pocketbook.

A bientot! 

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Shubh Yatra, Marilyn!

I've been following your travels via FaceBook with interest. Those vistas!That food! (There's no fig jam at the Safeway--Krishna looked) Glad you had such a memorable time.

Cheryl Snell

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What Joy to hear from you!

Thank you dear friend for your upbeat comment!  How are you doing?  It's wonderful to have your words--which reach me tonight in Paris.  I"m alone, but consoled by a bottle of 2005 Saint-Emilion, which I'll never see again in Tennessee!  

Tomorrow, old friends, and then home on Friday, God and the volcano willing!  Love to you--