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On the Road Again, With Peret, Mary Oliver, and my GPS

I'm off tomorrow for Chapel Hill, to be the first poet in residence at Cassilaus, a modern house that would make Frank Lloyd Wright envious.   I saw this article in the New York Times, emailed the filmmaker who is one of the partners, and asked if they would like to have a poet.   On Location - A House for Art and Artists - NYTimes.com

I sent my books, and Frank Konhaus wrote back immediately, "You are Poet Laureate of Cassilhaus!"

So off I go, to dream, to write, to translate Peret (French Surrealist), to make new friends, to be lonely, to be ecstatic.   To be no one's teacher for a week.   And with my trusty GPS, I may even find the place without too much angst.

Artist colonies have made my work possible!  Which reminds me, this month's issue of Poets & Writers contains my essay on Red Cinder Creativity Center on the Big Island.   At least one other  Red Roomer, Evelyn Sharenov,  has been accepted into this paradise.    Rock on!   We open doors for each other! 

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Sounds good,

Enjoy. Sounds wonderful. Haven't checked the link yet.

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Thanks, Sue!

Thanks for your good wishes, your words travel with me--xoxo Marilyn

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It's the initiative that counts....

Dear Marilyn,


Mostly, I commend you for taking the initiative. There are people who wait for things to happen, and others that make things happen. (The third group looks back and asks, "What the h--- happened?" --Yogi Berra)

Best to you,



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Thanks for the boost, Talia!

It was a happy surprise that they said yes!

Cheers and good wishes to you--Marilyn