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I remember the day Ike beat Stevenson, and how my parents and grandmother cried. "This country needs a President with brains!" Grandma said. I hope she's looking down at this!

I feel like I can breathe again. We did it!

My husband and I have been crying since the first announcement. We are listening to Obama and realizing that we at last have a president who can speak! Glorious whole sentences, fabric more beautiful than those waving American flags.

His grandmother cast an early vote in Hawaii that was recorded for him. Our ancestors continue to bless us as they leave.

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Crying with joy!

We all cried here in Ireland upon rising to hear the news!  I am so over joyed  for my three sons, all American Citizens and for all of The United States.  We are proud to display the Stars and Stripes outside our front door on this great day!!! Hurrah! Mary

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Glad to have your moving comment twice!

Honey, you can send that comment three times!  I'm delighted that you feel as we do--those positive feelings cross the ocean and wrap the globe.  

"Yes we can!"  All good wishes to you and your family--Marilyn 

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Crying too!

Hi Marilyn,

We all cried here in Ireland upon hearing the news.  I am overjoyed for my three sons, all American Citizens, for my husband and for the world!  We are proud to hang the Stars and Stripes outside our front porch on this wonderful, memorable day.  Sending you this comment again because I am not sure the other one ''went through''. Mary Wilkinson