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Nerves! Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Book launch tomorrow night, and all is in place.   The bookstore has the books, the local paper and tv stations have promoted the event, and so has the University of Tennessee.

 What can go wrong?  (Isn't that a Jewish frame of mind?)  

Snow is predicted for late in the evening.   Let's hope they're wrong!

I have new shoes (broke down and went to the sale today at Dillard's), three inch heels, sturdy, but high.   Lots of people have said, "Break a leg!"

And of course the cd that we're going to play ("My Favorite Penis Poems, " by Del Tredici, to go with my poem, "Trout")--that could backfire, as technology often does!  

I could go on--but as you can see, I'm feeling pretting good about the poems themselves.  I've memorized the suckers!  I've rehearsed endlessly and will do a full-scale set tonight, with no alcohol.   I need my brain cells.

Deep breathing now.

Wish you were here, I really do!   Best to you in your work, Mairlyn 

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I was going to write "Break

I was going to write "Break a leg!" but I see others have beat me to it.

Good luck, Marilyn. You have prepped thoroughly, so now just relax and enjoy yourself. And don't forget to report back. :-)

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I take your words to heart!

Thank you, Ellen!

I've got most of the performance by heart--

will do a little self-hypno tonight and tomorrow, positive visualization.

I appreciate your kind words! Hope your work is going well, and that you are feeling safe and peaceful.


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All the best to you from both of us Marilyn!

Just remember to keep breathing - We're sure you will have a fabulous time!

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With you and Gina in my corner, how can I lose!

Thanks for your sweet and generous message.   Wish you two were here!

Cheers, Marilyn 

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Monday night is a fine night

Monday night is a fine night for poetry reading, a fine night indeed. Have fun with it!


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I take your words to heart!

"Have fun with it!"  That's the spirit!   Thanks, Kate, and I wish you joy in your work as well, continued success--

Cheers, Marilyn 

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Lots of luck, Marilyn! I'm

Lots of luck, Marilyn! I'm sure it will be wonderful and you will dazzle them!

Does it ever get any easier? You are an old hand at this, I know. (And from the discussion in your blog, I can tell you know how to dress. Nice to know I am not the only person who frets about that! But I have never quite figured it out.)

I really worked myself into a state before my first book signing, just over a week ago, January 23. To my great surprise, I ended up having fun. But now I have to gear up for the next one, in a week. And my mother will be there. Yikes!

Will you post pictures, since some of us can't manage to be there in person?

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You're a darling, Blair!

I like the idea of having fun with this--I'm glad to hear that your January 23rd event was joyous.

I wish you every success next week! Do let us know how it goes--

You're lucky da momma is going to be there! Hugs to both of you,


P.S. Thanks for asking for pics--I'd love to put some up after the event. I'm off to Francis Marion U on
Tuesday for another performance, and when I get home I'll have time to reflect and post.
All cheers, M

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Go get 'em, Marilyn!

Savor that natural high, girl! Be sure to report back.

Shana McLean Moore

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Thanks, dear one! I'll hope to savor...

Kind words are not wasted on me!   I'm grateful and heartened.

All success to you in your work!  Marilyn 

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morituri te

morituri te salutant!

AWESOME! Remember to have fun!

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Fun? Okay, I like the concept!

Thanks, cher,

And best to you in all your work.   Wish you were here to film this event! And to have a few drinks.  Tennessee pretty good about the drinks!

Cheers, Marilyn 

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knock them dead!

you'll be great!

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From your mouth to God's ear!

I appreciate your encouragement, and wish you every success right back!

Cheers, Marilyn 

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Good luck, girl!

I'd just like to add my support and wish you great luck and a great time. It's always good to focus your mind on the potential that you could have a great time doing this! Yes, really. Have a wonderful time. And you will.

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Yes, I love your attitude, and will meditate on the potential

I'm spending some quiet time meditating on the joy of writing and communicating--and wearing the black silk dress with roses!

Thanks, Chere! Marilyn

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Monday is

an auspicious, the husby says. Congrats on the reviews, and bask in the glow!

Cheryl Snell

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Thank you, sister spirit!

Right now it's snowing really hard.   This may be natural selection, as I wasn't sure I had ordered enough food for the reception!

 Please say a little prayer also that I may get over to the reading from my backwoods house!  

love and cheers, Marilyn 

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I hope it went well

let us know . . .



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Your comment reached me on the road!

Kind, kind man! I'm in SC performing, now that I'm warmed up! Despite the snow, all went well--standing room in the auditorium!
I didn't forget my lines--I had fun.

When I get back to town I'll post some pictures. The Red Room
support really made a difference to me. This is a real community,
and I am seriously grateful.

More soon! Best to you in your work. Warmly, Marilyn