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My New Baby Has Big Ears and Speaks Perfect French (and He's Making Jokes Already!)
The Big Game, by Benjamin Péret, Translated, with an Introduction by Marilyn Kallet

My new book, The Big Game, a translation of Surrealist Benjamin Péret's Le grand jeu, landed in my carport two days ago.  I looked at the gleaming gorgeous cover--a Man Ray photograph of  Péret--and laughed and fell in love all over again.  I couldn't open the book though, because I knew I would find errors.  Still, the back cover of the book had no glitches--so that seemed to bode well.  Finally, last night, I slit open the shrink wrap and permitted myself to read the translations.  Not bad, not bad at all! And no typos so far. 

 I'll be reading from the book this Sunday afternoon at Union Avenue Books in Knoxville, 3 p.m (July 17th).   Reading aloud is the true test of poetry.  

Translations have a life of their own, they bubble and ferment like alcools that grow stronger in the sunshine on the kitchen window sill.   But even now the poems taste good in my mouth. 

I'm grateful to Black Widow Press for opening American literary doors to the Surrealists, and to all the writers and poets who helped me with this project, to Darren Jackson and to Chantal Bizzini  especially.  I'm hoping the new Woody Allen movie, Midnight in Paris, will inspire more American interest in literary Surrealism.  I think I'll send Woody a copy of the book!


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Congratulations Marilyn!!!

I'm so happy for you, Marilyn, especially cause I know how hard you have worked on this project! You have really poured yourself into this, and I know it's paying off already. Best of luck, dear friend.

Scott Holstad

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Thanks, Dear Scott!

Very kind of you to notice and send those good vibes.   Hope they circle back, too, and bring you some good news.


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Unrelated to this blog topic, but not to poetry books

Hey there Marilyn,

Off topic, sorry, but I wondered if you've done what I did recently, & that was look up the prices some of my old books are selling for online. I was stunned with what I found! One of my old books was being sold for about $165!!! Who would buy that??? (I wouldn't.) Anyway, I found more, made some screen shots & posted them on my new blog. If you want to see some humor, visit it at: http://hankrules2011.wordpress.com/my-books-crazy-prices/.

Also, please note I have a link to your site here on my new homepage's blogroll, and if you dig deep, you'll find one of your poetry books listed in the My Favorite Books section [poetry] (http://hankrules2011.wordpress.com/my-favorite-books/), alongside Bukowski, Ferlinghetti, Sandburg, Rimbaud, Ginsberg, O'Hara, etc. Sure, you're welcome! ;-)


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Thanks for the boost!

Appreciate your mentioning one of my books!

I loved seeing your high-priced Cells.   I've found some of mine on line for big bucks--usually when I've inscribed them to someone famous who must have been cheaper (or greedier) than I thought!