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How Do You Balance Writing and Teaching?

Seriously, how?   If you're any good at teaching, you'll give it your best energy, and you'll come home depleted.  Perhaps you write during the blessed summers, on the rare sabbaticals.  And maybe you've made your peace with that.  You are fortunate to have a good teaching job, you know that.

But this is the year of the new book, the collected poems, and you have invitations to read across the country.  Some are paying gigs.  You feel you need to do this, to promote the work, to give the book its best chance in the wider world.  You've contracted with talented grad students to cover the classes you'll be missing.

But how do you prepare for the performances, memorize the poems, write the keynote addresses?  I mean when do you do that?  

How do you balance work/work and your art? 

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Sorry, don't have any answers, but

it was ever thus, getting Art through the needle's eye.

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You're probably right! But Rosy

Let me whine a little!  "Complaining is the true currency of literary friendships," Anatole Broyard wrote. 

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I know how we used to do it

in graduate school! Not strictly legal though...

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You do have my total admiration

for memorising all the poems, Marilyn. I'd be inclined to do a token one or two, perhaps of the more dramatic ones, and read the rest.

It's funny, though, however organised one is, life interposes the muddle as before. Go with the flow and think on your feet is the way to go!

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Thanks, Rosy!

Just posted my reply as a new comment by accident--but wanted to say that I like your attitude and will try it on for size! 

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Your attitude is very sane.

At least one of these jobs is paying very generously, and so the pressure is on! It's a good pressure, though--xoxo