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Have You Always Wanted to Write in Southwest France?

Here's your chance to write in France, in a little jewel of a village.  (Did you see Chocolat with Johnny Depp?  The village of Auvillar looks just like the movie.)  In fact, Auvillar is one of the "most beautiful villages in France."  The people are really kind and sweet, the food is outstanding, and the wine--well, the wine!

Not only will you come away with new poems or stories, but you will also have a chance to take free French cooking lessons with Chef Christophe Gardner, and to study photography with him as well.   He's the town photographer, and works for Le Depeche du Midi, the newspaper of the region.  He's an absolute pro.

The early bird discount ends February 1st; there is also a discount for belonging to an arts organization.   For more info, you can email me: mkallet@utk.edu.   Also, look at the Virginia Center website:  http://www.vcca.com/kallet.html/


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What a great way to live.

What a great way to live. Writing. Doing workshops. I suppose you really love it. If I could I would. kindest, michael

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I do love the writing and teaching.

France isn't bad either!   

Would love to have you join us, seriously.    It's a life-enhancing experience, and gives the writing a tremendous boost.  

 I'm still teaching full time at the University of Tennessee as well.  You know what' s not fun?   Department meetings.