where the writers are
Friendlier than writers:

The older I get, the less tolerance I seem to have for the nightly schoozing at the large artist colony.  In the past I've met some of my very best friends at these colonies, and some of my poems have been set to music by composers I've met at artist colonies.  I seem to thrive at the smaller colonies, especially those that are run by women.  That said, I'm less able to move easily between the world of writing all day and the social pressures of chatting it up with the others at night. I do it, and I suppose I appear to be having a good time.  But I sometimes feel like May Sarton or May West and just want to be left alone.

The situation is not helped by being a woman over 50, in this particular large-colony environment that caters to men of any age and to young women.  

Here's a list of beings who are easier to interact with than other writers:  the retired racehorses in the fields behind my studio, who are very clear about what they want: apples and carrots; cats, also very clear about what they want (cat food); the cashier at the ABC store who's daughter used to work here at the center--she says she'd love to come to our poetry reading here; the owner of the Christian bakery, who blesses everyone and smiles a grin that covers his face; and the homeless Viking dude at the Food Lion who hangs out there in order to have human conversation.  In general, the visual artists here are extremely nice, they smile and wave and laugh.  The writers don't do that.   Au contraire.

Please feel free to add to my list of "friendlier than..."