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Books Make Great Holiday Gifts
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At small cost, a book can be a fantastic gift.   And if you customize it with a signature--even better!   There are so many gorgeous books available from Red Room authors--I'm partial to books by Belle Yang--but of course I would love it if you selected one of my books as a gift.  My Chanukah book, One For Each Night: Chanukah Tales and Recipes, from Celtic Cat Publishing, offers vibrant illustrations, funny stories, and my mother-in-law's recipes (she used to be a dessert caterer in Philadelphia.)

Last Love Poems of Paul Eluard, from Black Widow Press, which I translated, will seal the deal if you want romance!  He's on equal footing with Neruda, and you can't miss with this one.

And my poetry book, Packing Light: New and Selected Poems, is a good starter book for people who want to make friends with poetry, but it's also a fine gift for poetry afficionados.  

I'd be happy to send you signed books for your gifts if you prefer, or you can order from Amazon or from Black Widow Press: http://www.blackwidowpress.com/ 

All cheers and happy Thanksgiving!   I'm grateful for your company on Red Room.  The world is more humane and intelligent because of you!    Marilyn 

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Hi Marilyn,

I couldn't agree more! Books are amongst the finest gifts in the world! Especially one with an inscription. Once I get myself a new job, I'm going to treat myself and buy your books. One day, I hope we'll have the chance to meet. When that happens, don't be surprised if I am carrying your book with me, hoping for an inscription to go inside. :)

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Thanks for your sweet and lovely message.

I take your words to heart, I really do!  The economy has done so much harm--we depend all the more on friendships, no?

Cheers and luck to you and G,


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Yes, friendships are so important. The harm that the economy has done runs deep and I think it can lead to people feeling isolated. I am fortunate, Gina makes sure I never feel that way, and the community here on RR as well as a few people I have met on Facebook also lift my spirits daily.

Marilyn, I don't know if you've ever read any blogs by Fiona Robyn who is an author and poet here on RR? She has recently posted a thoughtful blog on the obstacles of life here http://www.redroom.com/blog/fiona-robyn/living-through-difficult-times-t... that I thought of when you made the comment about the economy. I mention it because I thought you might like her posts. There's a lovely poem she posted by William Kloefkorn that you might like here as well http://www.redroom.com/blog/fiona-robyn/on-being-foolish-and-full-human-....

As the wonderful Evie Shockley often says, 'Peace'.

Rock on, Marilyn (I can never say it as well as you though!).

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Thanks for the links here which I will explore.

Keep the faith, Ryoma!   

love and thanks, Marilyn