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Another Superb Venue for Your Work

Katerina Klemer at Public Republic has created one of the most open-minded literary magazines online.   The site includes every genre, interviews, stunning art work.   The magazine began in Eastern Europe, and Katerina has built a literary bridge here in the United States.   The readership is international.

Katerina is a conscientious editor.  She'll fix a typo before you  have a chance to revisit the site.  A poet herself, she understands how important it is to get things right.

Klemer also hosts a weekly radio show on arts and culture in Lexington, "Accents," WRFL 88.1. One segment of the show is "Pimp My Poem." Poetry needs a boost in our culture, and this effort is heroic.

So send your ideas to Katerina Klemer: kklemer@sprintmail.com.

And do check out the website: http://www.public-republic.net/   

Keep us posted on your publication successes!