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Aloha! on a budget!

Aloha!  Tomorrow morning I'm off to The Big Island, to Red Cinder Creativity Center, an artist colony founded by painter Helen Chellin.  It looks beautiful from the online pictures and the director is gentle, kind, and engaged.  She called me on my cell phone to answer a question I had emailed to her.

There will be four artists, all women, three painters and me.  One is a Chinese artist who did some set work for Amy Tan's play.

The cost is 23 dollars a day.  in Hawaii?  You have to be kidding.  The food is prepared by local cooks, and costs another whopping 23 dollars a day.

The only down side is no internet.   But I will have a rental car, and may seek out an internet cafe.   But if not, don't take my silence as cause for alarm.  It probably means I'm writing, running, meditating, eating papayas, and writing some more.   More in two weeks--ahola! 

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that sounds like a wonderful interlude. Forget the cafes - hibernate in the lusciousness of retreat and creativity.

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I like the sound of that!

Yes, being still and centered sounds really good!

Hope your interludes are creative and luscious!

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no internet

I agree. There's nothing like being away from the internet to give yourself the freedom and peace of mind to create. Have a wonderful retreat!

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Thank you!

From your mouth to God's ear!

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It's not a bad thing to be

It's not a bad thing to be unplugged once in a while, Marilyn. Enjoy your sojourn in paradise.

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Thanks, Ellen!

Unplugged it is!

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Have fun!

Send some pics of the rolling waves---I need a new screen saver.

Cheryl Snell

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Unplugged in paradise? Sounds as addictive as

checking your email and redroom blogs. Let me know how your two weeks are, please, as I am putting together my application packet as I'm typing this.

Safe travels, Marilyn