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The room is a little too dark for you to see just how intensely cute my mornings are around here, but for now, this photo will have to suffice. This is Huck! And Huck has progressed from playing with my hands to letting me pet him, so mornings around here have gotten very exciting! Tom and...
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Okay,!! 2013 is officially underway. I am not someone who believes in making New Year's Resolutions, gang, only because I am so freakin' GOAL -oriented all year long. In fact, I am so goal-oriented that I often don't even notice when I've reached a goal because I'm too busy looking at the next...
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So, are you ready for 2013? Lord knows, I am. 2012 had some incredibly beautiful moments -- some things I wouldn't trade for anything in the world; memories that will stay in my heart forever. But overall, I have to say, it was one of the hardest fucking year's I've had in my whole life!! And...
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Hi gang, please welcome long-time erotica author and editor, Lisabet Sarai, as my guest blogger this weekend. Lisabet has an important new book that she's promoting for a good cause -- Coming Together: In Vein. Lisabet's post is followed by a story excerpt from M. Christian, one of my esteemed...
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Yay!! Keith Richards is 69 years young today, gang. Happy, happy!!
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All three of the stray kittens officially came indoors to stay today, gang!! And they came in of their own accord -- no lures, no traps, no tricks. And they are happy as little peas in a pod, down in my sun room. Partly because it is only 23 degrees Fahrenheit out there today!! They were some...
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No, not moi. Sadly, I haven't got time to rock these days. But the Stones played Brooklyn last night and apparently, yes, they rocked!! Next Saturday night is the big one, gang. The Stones will be in New Jersey and it will be live on pay-per-view. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, that is...
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Specifically -- and most alarmingly -- the language I am referring to is: "unelected body." It leads to tyranny, gang, and turning over any of your rights as an American to an un-elected body is never a good idea. There is much uproar in the "progressive" media today about the Senate vote...
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In a democracy, gang, voter fraud is never okay. It doesn't matter which side you are on, it is simply never okay. Just because the Democrats appear to have done it this time, and just because most of us reading (and writing) this blog are liberal Democrats, it doesn't mean it's okay. It means...
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During the Presidential debates last fall, I posted a link to the Justice Party, an alternative to both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. This posting is from the Justice Party today: "It should come as no surprise that the Justice Party supports Bradley Manning and protections for...
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All righty, gang, it is that time of year for those of us living Stateside. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, wherever you are and whatever you're doing!!
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Pravda, the famous Russian political newspaper that is associated with the Communist Party, considers the Obama Administration to be socialist. For anyone left in the USA who voted for Obama because they believed he was a Democrat and not a Socialist, it is of interest to note what the news...
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Since it is Sunday and we are supposed to just sort of relax and not tax ourselves too much over things that might confound us... I will only present some basic info today. (Oh, I also want to say that there might be some liberals who are stupid and some conservatives who are stupid, but...
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Now that we no longer have to worry about which side we are on because an election is looming large in our collective future, we can now begin the grueling process of experiencing the reality of what "we " voted for. If you are not really & truly familiar with what Obamacare will do and has...
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The world continues to turn and even with its tribulations, life is still good, gang. I am finally studying Theology. Meaning, I have had several "general education" courses in school since July, and now I am taking one of the courses related to my degree and I am just LOVING it!! Yay. I could...
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