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Summer Solstice
I celebrated the arrival of the Solstice by getting out of bed extra-special early today and trekking out to the sacred bird-feeder ground. I brought along my acoustic guitar and me and the raccoons, and rabbits, and badgers, and skunks, and squirrels, and chipmunks, and field mice, and...
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Beatrix Potter Boxed Set
The "at large" part of my world, I guess, would be "me" -- and all that it entails right now. Front & center on my plate is a trip to Paris in 4 months, wherein I will be giving a reading and a little Q &A (no, not T&A!!) in French. So I am back to studying French...
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I've been up since 5:05 AM, but "getting started" was a little slow going around here. My new favorite thing in the world is dry Cinzano & soda on the rocks with a slice of lemon. Turns out that if you have "a few" of these in the evening, it makes you "not in a big...
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A Young Bunny
As if I weren't blessed enough! Now I discover I have young bunnies in the little park next door to my property! Just too fucking cute, gang. They live under the enormous pine tree in the center of the little park. The same pine tree that -- budget permitting -- is strewn with white Christmas...
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A Young Robin
There are two very young robins in my yard who have recently learned to fly and who are in the brand new process of feeding themselves. And -- when it comes to eating mulberries straight from the tree -- also in the process of learning how to keep one's balance while feeding oneself! Gosh, they...
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Theater 80 St. Mark's
For the second night in a row, I slept like a wee bonnie babe. Or a rock -- whichever one wouldn't be up crying all night! In other words, I slept great. The nights were so cool and breezy and not at all humid. And for some reason, these last 2 mornings the cats let me sleep in until 5:45 AM,...
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the Herbs
The herbs are doing great this year -- along with everything else that's green. (These herbs are several years old; they go out in the summer and come inside the rest of the year. I have a very nice working relationship with them. Sort of a co-creator type thing!) I wanted you to see mostly...
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Black Marks
I hope this isn't too tiny. You might be able to see it better on my main blog: http://blog.marilynjayelewis.com This is the official logo for the new annual literary award M. Christian and I are sponsoring; The Black Marks Literary Award (this award will be for best unpublished science fiction...
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What's Friday?
You might be sitting there, wondering if perhaps skunks eat berries.... Let me just explain, for those of you who might not know or who have forgotten: I not only have a small mulberry tree growing out back, right next to my deck, that is now tall enough, and eager enough, to come inside my...
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Last summer, for reasons that are very precious & private to me, I remember that the fireflies arrived on June 9th. Partly, I remember this because June 9th is the birthday of 3 people I'm crazy about, one of whom has already passed on. (The other two are Peitor Angell and Johnny Depp...)...
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The Badger
I live in a split level house (and it's 54 years old, but that's beside the point -- I love it in all its majestic antiquity!), so I have two levels of rooftops. One level of the roof overhangs my back deck and my sun room, and all 3 of the bedrooms overlook this roof. I usually keep those...
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Philippa Burgess
Here is a photo of Philippa Burgess accepting my IPPY award in New York for Freak Parade. Yay!! Isn't she pretty? Thank you again, Philippa.
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Frisky Thing!
Well, when they swarm indoors, it's usually by accident. It's mostly a mating ritual following a period of heavy rain, where ants nesting near the house will accidentally get inside. When I was a very very little girl, we had a swarm in our house in Cleveland. I think that my parents first...
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Monte Roberto Italy
really need to stop being in Italy already!! I'm so envious!! Here's one of the photos of the town my dear friend Peitor Angell was in yesterday, called Monte Roberto.  (He's staying in a villa on the Adriatic Sea right now. Don't you feel really sorry for him??? I would hate to have to, you know,...
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Yesterday, we had another mini-heatwave. For some obstinate reason, I refused to turn on the AC so it got pretty hot up there in my bedroom again, but you know -- I just love having the windows open, and a screen door looking out onto the world (and my pot of baby sunflowers!) instead of a...
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