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You know -- starting to seriously need a break from this
"...by far her most ambitious and impressive achievement to date." -- reader review
What's Friday?

You might be sitting there, wondering if perhaps skunks eat berries....

Let me just explain, for those of you who might not know or who have forgotten: I not only have a small mulberry tree growing out back, right next to my deck, that is now tall enough, and eager enough, to come inside my bedroom window (if it weren't for that handy invention called a screen); I also have an enormous mulberry tree in front of my house. This year, it has produced hundreds of thousands of mulberries. Last year, the birds basically ate all the mulberries pretty quickly, but this year even they have made little progress. And the squirrels eat them, too. But mostly what I have are thousands and thousands of mulberries all over my front patio thingie and all over my driveway. I hose everything down twice a day, sometimes three times, and still cannot stay on top of the enormous amount of ripe mulberries that keep falling down to earth due to that great thing called gravity.

Flies love ripe mulberries. So I have more flies now than you can possibly imagine. As I try in vain to hose the berries away and get rid of the flies, I try to console myself by thinking, well at least I'm not trying to battle tons of, shall we say "pooh-pooh," everywhere! Berries are not such a big deal by contrast, right?

This morning, I was out early trying to hose down the front patio thingie so that when the workmen arrive to re-tile my bathroom floor they won't be overwhelmed by squished mulberries all over the soles of their boots... when suddenly I heard a sound, like a twig snapping. What's that? I looked around and saw nothing, and then continued hosing down the walk. Then, of course, I began to smell it -- a skunk! Turns out skunks eat berries, too!

I was torn, gang. I don't want a skunk that close to my house but for god's sake, I could really use the help getting rid of all these damn mulberries!! (My current world gives new meaning to one of my favorite Dr. Suess books: And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street.)

And it turns out that I do have an infestation of carpenter ants, which need to be dealt with before the entire window falls off. Not to mention that I have that growing collection of spiders. It is amazing how many different types of spiders there are in this world (and in my house). It makes me marvel at the nature of creativity, in general. It truly does. I have no animosity toward them, but I can't help but wonder aloud to them: "Why are you here????" It is a great & eternal question, to be sure. I'm guessing they're just as curious about the answer as I am.

You're probably wondering, with me being the head of this Natural Wild Game Preserve,  when I have time to promote both of these new novels I have out, or when I might even have time to write anything new, or get more details ironed out on the annual literary award I'm sponsoring with M. Christian... but guess what, I'm "sort of - kind of" staying on top of all of it and doing the preliminary work on a new book!

But I'm really getting kind of exhausted... Happy Friday, folks! I hope it's a real stunner, wherever you are!