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YES!! Happy Presidents' Day!!!

What could be finer than a national holiday set aside for citizens to barely notice anything different at all except that the mail doesn't get delivered!! Yay!!!

However, when I was a wee bonnie lass, we actually celebrated Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays in school. We knew when their actual birthdays were, too. It wasn't just some "Presidents' Day" hogwash that changes every year just so long as it's on a Monday. Lincoln's birthday was on February 12th and Washington's birthday was on February 22nd (also my older brother's birthday, as it turned out!).

In honor of their birthdays, we learned all those age-worn stories from each of their fictional boyhoods (Lincoln taught himself to read with library books while in his log cabin in the dark and Washington cut down that cherry tree and then had the audacity to not lie about it). But more importantly, we cut out silhouettes of both Presidents from black construction paper and glued them to white paper doilies. (This was incredibly similar to our St. Valentine's Day decorations, which were hearts cut out of red construction paper and glued to white paper doilies. You'll notice, however, that we are no longer allowed to call it "St. Valentine's" Day because that implies something religious, which is verboten in our society, and instead we can only call it "Valentine's Day" now in honor of the much more socially acceptable & costly Hallmark Card Shops nationwide.)

Well, thank goodness we were not required to know how to spell "silhouette" but only to cut them out. We outlined them on the black construction paper using pre-made templates, then we cut them out, glued them, etc., etc., then  tacked them up to the classroom bulletin board. We may not have known how to spell "silhouette" -- and truth be told, not knowing how to spell that word cost me the Spelling Bee finals in 6th grade!!-- but at least we knew how to recognize at least two dead Presidents from their profiles alone.

In the likely event you are home alone today with nothing at all to do and have black construction paper and white paper doilies on hand... I have taken it upon myself to provide you with suitable silhouettes for tracing. Perhaps on the small side -- okay, the really tiny and not very useful side -- but at least I am making the effort!!

Have a great Presidents' Day, gang! And if you think of it, try to spend at least a moment contemplating how incredibly against the odds it is that the United States of America exists at all, and regardless of which political party you are affiliated with, take a moment to be proud of that achievement. (After all, our Revolution inspired the French one and if you saw "Les Miserables" you know that one didn't turn out so well at all.)

Okay!! Thanks for visiting, gang!! See ya!!

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What an amazing post! I too can remember learning and celebrating on Presidents' Day as well as Valentine's day. Your post was insightful and witty and gave me some great ideas for the kids today! Thank you! :)