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Wednesday morning, 6 AM

Okay,!! 2013 is officially underway. I am not someone who believes in making New Year's Resolutions, gang, only because I am so freakin' GOAL -oriented all year long.

In fact, I am so goal-oriented that I often don't even notice when I've reached a goal because I'm too busy looking at the next goal. Seriously. So this year it is going to be more about noticing what is going on in my life and spending some time feeling great about that, and not so much time fixating on my "goals."

Here's a great thing that happened at 4:30 this morning: I went downstairs to feed the kittens, and Huckleberry was waiting there at the door for me! He even played with me for several minutes; holding my hand with his front paws and even nibbling on my finger with his baby teeth.

This could very well be the most exciting thing that will happen to me all day, so I want to savor it. (FYI - These are abandoned kittens that I rescued and brought indoors about 3 weeks ago -- just before all the really bad weather began. The other two kittens, Tom and Becky, are still very timid. But Huck and I are becoming fast friends.)

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