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Tiny Updates

Just FYI, gang: I might be getting a part-time writing job that will keep me indescribably occupied first thing in the morning, 6 days a week. So between that, teaching my writing students two nights a week, doing my other part-time job, and being in school full-time, you might never see me again!!

I guess we'll find out...

My stalwart cousin and I went to see Lincoln yesterday after church. I had very high hopes for the film because everyone on planet Earth seemed to love it. Plus when I was in my late teens, I was totally fascinated with Lincoln and read everything I could about him. Well. The acting was superb, with Daniel Day-Lewis being, basically, off the charts as Lincoln. But overall, I wasn't crazy about the movie. It felt more like just one episode of what should have been a five-day mini-series, you know? As if a whole lot was missing that I wanted to see. However, they didn't consult me. So, onward...

Plus, for whatever convoluted reason, I kept thinking that Leonardo DiCaprio was in the film, playing John Wilkes Booth and I kept wondering when he would finally appear. I have absolutely no idea why I thought that, since Leonardo DiCaprio was in fact in Django Unchained, a few theaters down the hall, playing the most deplorable human being that he'd ever read in a screenplay in his entire life. I think this mix-up is a sign that my brain, my world, my life, is going into overdrive.

Back in 1994, when I was living in Manhattan, I had a similar weird apprehension when Johnny Depp was arrested and taken to jail for trashing his hotel room at The Mark. This happened right when all the magazines were filled with publicity for his upcoming movie with Tim Burton, Ed Wood. That particular year, I was newly married, my best friend was dying, I was still singing with my band, I was writing short stories as well as my first novel, and working part-time in Midtown for an accountant in the entertainment industry. I was smoking and drinking like crazy that year. I remember coming up from the subway stop and hurtling through midtown to get to work on time, and I saw the NY Daily News headlines on the street that Johnny Depp had been arrested (while wearing one of his customary lovely hats) and I thought that Johnny Depp had been arrested for wearing women's clothes. (see the Ed Wood link) I seriously thought this and it even made me angry. As I was hurrying down the street, I thought, Haven't we gotten past this yet? For chrissakes. If men want to wear women's clothes we don't need to arrest them and take them to fucking jail do we?

My brain. I think I'll keep it. However. I think 2013 is already shaping up to be a mind-frying year.

Over the weekend, my latest session with Kevin, my co-writer on the new screenplay (our re-telling of a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale), continued to move ahead like gangbusters. (That's sort of a weird use of imagery there, sorry!) We Skyped for 4 hours and it only felt like a few minutes, really. I don't know where this story is coming from -- and I don't want to downplay Kevin's storytelling talents (or my own, for that matter) -- but it is flowing so smoothly, it almost feels like something else has this story all figured out and is simply dictating it to us simultaneously!

It is just so weird. It's like he and I are seeing these scenes at the same time, and in the same way, as we're writing them down. That has never happened to me before in any collaborative writing project. Plus, it's a dark re-telling, so there is some dark humor in there that just totally cracks me up. I am so enjoying this project.

All righty, gang, on that note... I have to prepare for yet another Skype call here momentarily -- I am helping a friend in Los Angeles edit his new book. So I gotta get crackin' here. But thanks for visiting!! See ya!