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SNOW day??!!

I grew up in Cleveland, where we never once did not go to school because of weather. It just never would have occurred to us: Weather??!! In Cleveland, we had nothing but weather. So we always simply bundled up and merrily trekked off to school.

Today is a snow day around here. There is, literally, less than 2 inches of snow on the ground. I can readily see my front walk and my driveway through the light gauze of "snow", and the school across the street is closed. Awesome. I am so jealous. Being self-employed, if I decided to take a snow day today, I wouldn't make any money. I would love to get back in my jammies, curl up in bed, eat some sort of piping hot cinnamon roll soaking with melted butter, have a perfect cup of piping hot cafe au lait, watch an old re-run of Perry Mason -- take a snow day. Not do homework, even.

I did the next best thing, though. While sitting listlessly at my computer with a cup of weak green tea that's getting cold and staring blankly at the reading assignment open in front of me -- I discovered that I can take thermal photographs of myself and post them to my blog!!! Who knew??!!

This is me thermalized just now! Wow, right??!!

I look pretty good in thermal, don't you think? Even my bedroom looks good in thermal. I wonder if the Earth of the future is going to include ways for people to walk around, looking thermal. They will probably get way more dates...

Well, fun as it's been to be thermal, I do have to go out and work today, so I must get something that resembles at least a little bit of homework done this morning. I'm not completely convinced it's gonna happen, but I do have to get off this computer and give it the "old college try," as they say.

Have a happy snow day, gang, wherever you are! (And trust me, if it ain't snowin' at all where you're at, that's about as much snow as we have here...) Okay. Time to hit the tundra, gang. See ya!

[Cleveland in winter -- no lie!!]