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The Apartment

I actually have to leave here in an hour so I'm going to go ahead and study that French super hard right now!! (See post from yesterday.)

Yes, that's right, I did not study French yesterday. I sort of cleaned house a little bit, but then Bill & I watched a movie (!!) that we got on a whim at the library and, b/c I recently had a birthday and had received a gift card to the Wine Guy, I even partook of a bottle of truly awesome French red and we made popcorn. In short, a most perfect day!!

We watched yet another one of my all-time favorite movies: The Apartment, that multi-Oscar-winning film from 1960, the lofty year within which both Bill and I were born!! What a great film, gang. The writing is superb. The acting is superb. The scenes from a Manhattan that is long gone are also superb. Sometimes you just gotta go with it and let life & chores & "best laid plans" happen some other day. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Well, okay. I gotta scoot now. I'm really, really going to study that francais. Have a great Thursday, gang, wherever it finds you! Thanks for visiting!! See ya.

[Link to The Aparment trailer on YouTube]

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I remember watching that

I remember watching that film when I was in my early 20's and hating it! I saw it again in my early 40's and loved it.

Funny how we need to LIVE a life before we can truly understand life.


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My 1st Time

The first time I watched it was in NYC in the 80s. At that point it was only about 20 years old and much of Manhattan was still like it was pictured in that film. However, at the time, the movie seemed ancient! Now it would be like watching a movie from the late 80s, which doesn't seem so "ancient"...it is so weird how time just flies and the whole perspective changes.