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On we go

A huge part of yesterday sucked, but oh well, on we go. Although the night ended sweetly: Two, yes two, of those Miller High Life long necks that I don't even really like but at this point, so what? And I watched Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow in bed. And I actually watched it, the entire thing, without even getting close to falling asleep. Bunny hung out in bed with me the entire time, and that's always fun. Even at age 7 (in people years), she is still my big, sweet baby. Fluffy was off to sleep in her own room (yes, she has her own room all to herself; it used to be my office until she completely took it over & I moved my office into the living room. Perhaps she's read, and was carried away by, my copy of Virginia Woolfe's A Room of One's Own? Who knows?) Anyway, due to that bright Full Moon last night, Buster was dashing about like, yes, a "lunatic", all over the house, apparently having a grand time. He had no interest in hanging out in bed with us and watching a movie that's, like, almost ten years old already.

Even while I am a well-documentedly huge Tim Burton fan, Sleepy Hollow was never one of my favorites. Mostly because I love the original Washington Irving story so much and there were a lot less Goth-girl type blood-worshipping sexual undertones in Washington Irving's version of the story. (Go figure!) But hey. This time, I enjoyed the movie a little more. Although it did have me wondering where the hell time flies to. It was only a "wink of an eye" ago that the movie opened in New York City and I was still reasonably happily married to Wayne and we went to the movie together one cold gray fall afternoon, at a movie theater on Broadway that was only a stone's throw from our really beautiful 2 bedroom apartment in our doorman building on the Upper West Side.

I've seen the movie many times since then, but last night, I could only remember the first time I'd seen it; how that had felt, and what it was like being married to Wayne and being such a New Yorker. I never dreamed that was going to end. Seriously. I cannot imagine not being a New Yorker at heart -- double negatives and all.

And nowadays, I feel like life here is "never going to end" and I don't mean that in a really good way. Not that it's terrible. I'm not stuck in a mental institution anymore, and I always hold that up as the absolute worst experience of my life against which all other "worst things" seriously pale in comparison. So it isn't "mental institution" terrible around here. But it does seem endless and, often, a little pointless.  (Though I am seriously glad for the Film Festival involvement because it comes closest to feeling like I have a life again around here.)

Oh well. Onward. As we have just noted above, time flies. Before too long, this, too, will have passed. And in the meantime, I've got movies to watch and re-watch, and cats that I totally love. And a novel to write, to finish writing, I should say. So let me get back at that.

And one nice thing that occurred to me yesterday is that my first book, Neptune & Surf, has been in print now for almost ten years, gang. (Thanks to loyal readers like you, for sure.) It was first published in tradepaper by a hastily re-organized Masquerade Books before it folded; then in hardcover by one of those DoubleDay book clubs before it, too, folded; then in French by Editions Blanche in Paris; then in massmarket paperback by Blue Moon Books, and it has since been picked up by Running Press now that Blue Moon has also gone under. It never once has gone out of print. And when I very first sold that book, I prayed to "God, the Universe, and Everything" that it would somehow stay in print. I labored (lovingly) over the writing of Neptune & Surf for 4 years. And all the while, well-meaning friends said that I was crazy, and said, "Who is ever going to publish a book like that, Marilyn? It's pornography!" But, yes: I persevered. And now it has been in print for almost 10 uninterrupted years.

Well, okay. In order for the current novel to stay in print for 10 uninterrupted years, I have to finish writing the darn thing!! So I'm outta here.

But thanks for visiting, gang. It's always a pleasure to see you! Hope fall is gorgeous wherever you're at (on this side of the world, I mean. What is it, like, spring in Australia now?) Anyway, hope it's all gorgeous! See ya!