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Okay, Some Sunday Morning Basics!!!

Since it is Sunday and we are supposed to just sort of relax and not tax ourselves too much over things that might confound us... I will only present some basic info today.

(Oh, I also want to say that there might be some liberals who are stupid and some conservatives who are stupid, but basically, it is simply stupid people who are stupid. I am liberal and a Democrat, and no I didn't vote for Obama this time, and I am tired of being called stupid.) (But check out that link anyway and you'll probably agree that liberals these days really do seem kinda stupid...) Okay! Onward...

Who pays for the Affordable Care Act?

Basically, we do. Whether it is by the actual cost out-of-pocket for your health insurance (btw, health insurance premiums rose 9% in 2011 -- the biggest spike since 2004); a probable decrease in coverage if you have employer-provided insurance; a huge decrease in Medicare benefits (beginning in 2013, which is 43 days away, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that cuts to Medicare will amount to $713 billion by 2020 -- which is 2,598 days away, in case you were curious); an increase in cost to your Part D coverage if you are worth too much money; a huge increase in taxes to the tune of 40% of the value of your health insurance if you carry premium insurance (aka "Cadillac" coverage) (yes, in order to make sure everyone in the country gets access to medical coverage, rich people are not going to be allowed to get as much medical care as their money can buy them. This is called Socialism. Sometimes it is called Communism. It has never once been called Capitalism); a hefty tax on your annual income if you choose not to buy health insurance (in 2014, the flat fee rate is $95 or 1% of your annual income, whichever is greater but no more than 3 times the flat fee; in 2015, the flat fee will be $325 or 2% of your annual income, whichever is greater but no more than 3 times the flat fee; in 2016 the flat fee will be $695 or 2.5% of your annual income, whichever is greater but no more than 3 times the flat fee).

Also, since there are currently about 50 million people uninsured in this country (as of 2010, that is,), and 50 million of those people need to start getting themselves insured or they will be in financial doo-doo with the IRS, millions of people will soon be on Medicaid and/or some type of government-provided assistance (things called Exchanges, if your State is participating in that, or the Federal Government's welfare system). It is estimated that the government will need to come up with approximately $899 billion to get everyone insured. Since only $713 billion is estimated to be taken from Medicare, that still leaves $186 billion that needs to come from somewhere. Regardless of whether we take a direct hit to our bank accounts or we take it as a loss in services usually provided to us at the State level -- we will be paying for it. (But first, check this site to see if your State is currently petitioning the Federal Government to secede from the United States. ) (Check this site for facts on America's Civil War and how that got started.) (Then pour yourself a tall one and contrast and compare, gang.)

Other costs of Obamacare include a decrease in doctors practicing medicine (we'll go into why that is happening some other time), combined with a colossal increase in patients entering the healthcare system (i.e., those 50 million uninsured who will suddenly have access to healthcare): This basically means a decrease in quality care all across the board.

As of September 5, 2012, the current national debt exceeded $16 trillion. (BTW, this represents a 60% increase in the national debt in just four years.)

All of the answers are hidden in plain view, gang: they are right there in the math.

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You May Say I'm A Dreamer...

Quality healthcare should be free for everybody. 

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Yes, true Ron but free

Yes, true Ron but free healthcare (at least in this country) is far from quality care. Free healthcare sounds great but the reality is but a dream gone awry. m

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You're right, but

It doesn't have to be that way.

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It doesn't but unfortunately,

It doesn't but unfortunately, it is. m