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Pravda, the famous Russian political newspaper that is associated with the Communist Party, considers the Obama Administration to be socialist.

For anyone left in the USA who voted for Obama because they believed he was a Democrat and not a Socialist, it is of interest to note what the news from the rest of the world thinks -- news that is not usually reflected in the American media.

And here is a quote from an article that appeared yesterday in Pravda (in English translation), in reference to the States that currently want to secede from the Union:

"Meanwhile, liberals proposed to President Obama to take tough measures against "separatist-conspirators" and denounce them for treason, strip them of the U.S. citizenship and deport them from the country. [You can see these suggestions on the whitehouse.gov site -- Ed.] Barack Obama will have a difficult choice: either allow the American people to live by the Constitution, or start rapid democratization in the country. [FYI: to "democratize" means to make democratic; interesting choice of word. -- Ed.]

"It is believed that the Obama administration simply ignores most of the population. Will Obama's policy drive a wedge deeper between the people and the government? What will be the response of his administration to all these petitions? Today these and other questions concern many American journalists and analysts. There are two answers: people will either accept the situation, continuing to slide towards a totalitarian state, or they will come back to the values that were dear to their ancestors." (These comments are from Russian journalists, mind you.)

The complete article is here.

If you are American and live in the USA and haven't awakened and smelled the coffee yet, now would be a good time -- what with Thanksgiving looming large and all.