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New York, here I come!

I can't remember if I posted here yet that I'm spending the Thanksgiving holiday in New York City. If I didn't, allow me to post that fantastic news right now.

I am so fucking psyched, gang! Yay! (Fluffy just heard the allegedly "exciting" news and she was stunned! She had this to say: "What the fuck??!! You just came back from a freakin' trip to Europe!!")

Yes, that's Fluffy on my bed in her new winter coat. Loyal readers of this lofty blog no doubt recall that Fluffy puts on about ten pounds of fur every winter. She's a giant puff ball now with a tiny face.

Anyway. As much as I really hate to leave my cats again, I am really excited about going to New York for the holiday. I'll be staying with one of my best friends and favorite poets, Iris N. Schwartz. And I'll also be seeing my favorite ex-husband, Wayne, on Friday night. We'll be dining at the Russian Tea Room and then strolling from there to Rockefeller Center to see all the Christmas decorations. I absolutely love New York at this time of year, gang.

In anticipation of leaving again for 4 days, however, I have been working like a fiend around here. I'm exhausted but there is no stopping point in sight until I get to the airport Wednesday morning at a rousing 5 AM.

As soon as I can focus on it, I will indeed be writing a monthly column about self-publishing, so stay posted. I will answer any questions you have about that, and I will also welcome any advice that writers have for other genre writers about self-publishing. My column is specifically targeting genre writers, because it's a genre fiction online bookstore, but I guess the advice can be for any kind of writer at all. Plus they'll be selling some of my older erotic fiction, as well as giving some of my much, much older erotic fiction away for free. You know, a free story here and there.

Okay. Have a great Saturday night, wherever you are!! I'm going to be spending mine answering emails, then doing a little yoga, then watching some indescribably old black & white movie until I fall asleep -- I don't know which one yet. I'm going to play it by ear.
Thanks for visiting, gang!! See ya!

[The Russian Tea Room, New York City]