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Meet Rusty -- from Austin, Texas!!

Yes, I am home from the Austin Film Festival!! And -- NO!! -- I could not come home without adopting yet another pet!!

Meet Rusty!! My bobble-headed armadillo! (I realize I probably should have named him Austin, in honor of the festival, but Austin seems like too stuffy a name for a guy with a bobble-head. So I named him Rusty because that was the name that cried out to me!!)

And my cats find him curious, indeed. No, not because they are fooled for one single minute into thinking he is a real live armadillo. Indeed -- my cats were not born yesterday, gang! No fools they!! They are in fact more curious about why that head is bobbing all the freakin' time. They sniff at him quizzically, as if to say, "What is it you are always bobbing on about?" So far, Rusty is curiously mute on the issue...