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It's official: the honeysuckle is a complete disaster!
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My backyard so far!! (just kidding)

You know, I was so relieved a couple weeks back, when I was able to give my new lawn & garden guy his fee for doing the spring clean-up of my yard & my 11 flowerbeds... However, since then, it has practically not stopped raining, so he hasn't been able to do anything more than cut the lawn.

Well, b/c of all this rain, the new honeysuckle has already gotten a real astounding toe-hold over on my arbor. The bad news is that we had such an early snow last winter -- that never really let up until spring -- that I was never able to get rid of the dead honeysuckle from last fall.

So now what I have is an indescribable, tangled up mess of dead honeysuckle interwoven with tenacious brand new honeysuckle and all of it is clinging securely in a giant mass all over one end of the arbor.

At this rate, whenever the weather clears up enough for the guy to get at this mess, it will be hopeless, so I tried to make some headway on it this morning, all by myself.

What I discovered is that I need a machete to just whack the whole mess down and start over! (Trust me, whatever I do to that honeysuckle, you will never notice it by August. It will be back in full-force, regardless.) I wonder if the Home Depot carries machetes??

I love honeysuckle when it's blooming. It just looks horrible when its a brown soggy dead mess all over the arbor.


Guess what else I discovered, though? Remember how, last year, my climbing roses suddenly began blooming like crazy, after barely surviving the 4 summers I'd lived here? Well, jeepers, gang. It is doing spectacularly great this year. It's enormous, really. I tied it up in several spots to the lattice and when it starts blooming, it is going to be awesome.

I am so glad Bill will be living here this summer so that there will be someone here to share all this with. I can tell the gardens are going to be really gorgeous this summer!! B/c of all this rain, the grass is already unbelievably green & lush. It's going to be a little paradise around here. (It'll probably pale in comparison to Hawaii, which is what Bill is used to, but , you know, it's all relative.)