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I'm super sorry to have to say this...
"For me, the only disappointing part of the reading experience was reaching the end." -- MB Austin

...however. I took Bill to the airport yesterday at 8 AM, and from that moment on, the heat wave has really & truly broken. The weather has been really just unbelievably gorgeous. No AC on, no humidity, a bright blue sky with puffy white clouds, no extreme heat, a lovely little rain storm last night -- which sounded great with all the windows open -- and this morning it was actually COOL outside. Yes: a chill in the air. And every night this week, it's supposed to get down into the mid-60s and only in the low 80s during the day. (Fahrenheit.)

So what gives???? For an entire month, it was so hot & humid around here that Bill & I could barely move the minute we stepped outside! Naturally, now I want to go on a lovely picnic posthaste and I am alone again with 3 cats!

Oh well. We had a wonderful month together, regardless. Last evening, as I was cleaning up Bill's room, washing the sheets, dusting, etc., Fluffy came in to hang out with me and we both really missed Bill. But he is back in the Bay Area once more, safe & sound, getting ready for the next chapter in his life.

Well, around here, I have begun a whirlwind of DVD watching. This is in preparation for the screenplay I am getting ready to write. I wanted to research 5 specific award-winning TV movies from the 70s & 80s and, in keeping with the library's sense of humor, they had 3 of them ready for me on the same day -- which was yesterday -- and one of them is a 4-disc mini-series.

I'm also a judge in Dan Poynter's Global eBook Awards, which is going on right now. I'm judging in 2 categories.

Plus, TCM's Summer Under the Stars has returned b/c it is August now. (How it happens to already be August I won't even attempt to explain!!) So now I have the constant temptation to sit in front of the TV, have cocktails and watch all of old Hollywood come alive again before my very eyes!! What could be better???

Well, what could be better is working really hard on the newest project so that it could maybe get sold... which means watching Cicely Tyson in practically every one of her 17 million Emmy-Award-winning dramas from the 70s & 80s, while paying close attention to the dramatic twists that occur every 12 minutes & taking copious notes.

In fact, I have a sad feeling that cocktails are nowhere on my horizon until maybe even the end of the year!! Well, France, of course, will be red wine. Plenty of it and everyday.  At one very small dinner party that I attended on my last trip to Paris, we consumed 5 bottles among us and each bottle was more astounding then the last. (And just to clarify, these were wines I would never be able to afford to buy on my own. I would have to be writing Emmy-Award-winning screenplays for Cicely Tyson before I could afford even one of those bottles of wine.) (I'm not actually trying to write a screenplay for Cicely Tyson, btw, I'm just saying that I would have to be doing that before I could afford to buy any one of those bottles of French wine we consumed at a dinner party in Paris nearly 2 years ago.)

Okay. Well. Today is all about judging some eBooks, studying an Emmy-Award-winning TV drama (that, to be honest, doesn't star Cicely Tyson; it stars Leslie Uggams in old-fashioned braids (and some clothes) as a White House maid in Backstairs at the White House), and then a client at 1 PM.

Tomorrow, I go visit a new client -- a nursing school -- that needs me to write an intro & outro to a DVD they've produced that helps nursing students pass their exams & become nurses. So that will go on the "to be done as soon as possible" pile. And I start teaching a new writing workshop next Tuesday night...

Huh. How the hell am I going to not have cocktails before the end of the year with a schedule like that???? Lordy. We shall see!

On that busy note, I gotta get busy around here, gang! Have a super Wednesday, wherever you are (and a non-rioting one, I hope, if you're one of my readers in England!) Thanks for visiting, gang!! See ya.

[The above picture is of me, celebrating with only my closest friends after abstaining from cocktails for an entire 5 months and then winning my non-Cicely-Tyson-affiliated Emmy!]

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I loved Backstairs at the

I loved Backstairs at the White House.

And I love TCM- especially the Summer Under the Stars. Watching old movies is a passion of mine.

Thanks for reminding me to tune in!


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How old is old?

Do you like really, really, REALLY old movies? If you are interested, I could send you a PDF of my stupeyfingly expensive new novel -- it's about Hollywood in the Silent Era.  It will be out as a more-affordable eBook within about a month. If you were interested in reading it & giving the upcoming eBook a positive buzz (assuming you enjoyed it, that is), I'd be happy to send you a PDF. Let me know.

No pressure, though. It's a long book and you might be really busy!

Thanks, Annette. Off now to Backstairs at the White House....


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Marilyn, I would LOVE to


I would LOVE to read your book. My husband and I are currently searching through silent movie archives in the public domain for more films that he and his musician buddy can write/arrange an original score and perform for audiences around the Southeast.

They recently performed live music for three comedies starring Buster Keaton and Fatty Arbuckle. It was a sold out hit.

my email is aa1230@gmail.com

Thanks for the offer. I can't wait to start reading.


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Wow, what a small world!

Really, what a small world. That is so cool that you & your husband have an interest in silent movies. I don't know if he has any interest in this, or maybe he already knows this, but in the main library in Birmingham, England, they just uncovered (in their storage, I think) the original silent film scores to hundreds of silent films. The scores to the films were often very elaborate orchestrations with special sound effects, at least when shown in the larger cities & at the premieres.

 Thank you so much for wanting to read my book. I really appreciate it! I hope you'll enjoy it.

I am really loving Backstairs at the White House. What a great piece of history and so well acted. Although Leslie Uggams is a little over the top, everyone else really did a splendid job.

I will send the PDF in a regular email. Thanks again, Annette.