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Holy Moly, gang!
As the Great War tore through Europe in the spring of 1916, the privileged stars of Broadway still wore the height of Paris fashions, danced the tango and drank champagne...
Tree of Life

The Tree of Life was such an astounding movie!

I finally saw it yesterday with a friend and we were both just swept away by it. What an achievement. I can certainly see why a lot of people don't like the film or can't handle it -- it's intense and sweeping yet claustrophobic at the same time. Hard to describe the effect. You become an intimate and inextricable part of this small family's past and yet lost in the cosmic breadth of the Universe, as well. It's so wonderful -- the scope of the emotions in this film.

I'm not a huge fan of Brad Pitt's, but I thought he was really, really good in this. And Jessica Chastain, as the mom, whom I don't think I've seen before, was so perfect, a real delight to experience. Just a wonderful premise for a movie as well as a wonderful movie.

I am in the process of getting ready for Bill's arrival, gang, so my visits here to the blog this weekend will be sporadic -- sorry about that!! But thanks for checking in when you can. I appreciate it!

[No, I didn't love this film only because the family had a picnic table in their backyard!! But it helped...]