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Happy Wednesday, Gang!

I know, it's trendy to call it "Hump Day" but not only is that an ugly sounding phrase, I personally have no mid-point in my weeks because I never, ever, ever stop working. I have no "hump" to get over because I never get to the end of a "work week." I am a certified -- well, perhaps not certified. I am a bona fide multitasking workaholic. I do not understand the concept of not doing anything. Nor do I understand the concept of doing only one thing, even on a Friday night, or on a Saturday or Sunday.

Multitasking makes me insane but I am incapable of not multitasking. If I'm making dinner, the baked potato must be in the microwave before I start chopping the broccoli or precious time is being wasted. If I accidentally start chopping the broccoli before the potato is in the microwave, I get annoyed with myself: "OMG!! I am only doing one thing! I am wasting time!!"

But, in fact, I am never only doing one thing, because I would never, NEVER, start chopping broccoli if the water to parboil them in wasn't already on the stove, heating to a boil. God knows, I wouldn't want to finish chopping broccoli and have it just sitting there on the cutting board, while I stand around the kitchen with nothing to do for five minutes but wait for water to boil...

And in fact, in order to ensure that doesn't happen, even by accident, I am usually listening to Deepak Chopra affirmations, or an Esther Hicks lecture on how reality works, or a Louise Hay lecture on how to let go of the patterns in my consciousness that are causing some sort of condition in me that I don't want anymore... This way, in the unlikely event I am standing around for five minutes waiting on water to boil, I am using that standing-around time to achieve something vitally important.

You know, I love being in school, and I love my little mentoree; I love my various writing students and their projects, and I love my writing partner and the screenplay we're currently working on, and I love to do yoga. I also love all my various clients (and their pets) that I see throughout the week. And god knows that I love my six (!!!) cats. But I also remember a time in my life -- in my mid-30s -- before the Internet or even a personal computer, where I just had one project I was working on (writing Neptune & Surf) and I gave it 100% of my attention. One project, one husband, one cat.  There were just a couple years where that was all I did. And life was really wonderful. There was time to walk in Riverside Park, go out to dinner or a show with my husband, lie around on the couch with my one cat...

Now, I can't even imagine a quiet life like that, but I would like to experience it again sometime. I don't necessarily need "the husband" element, although that would be very nice if it were a match made in heaven. But the idea of just one project and that was all I was giving my time and attention to -- Wow. Paradise. I don't know, maybe today I'll start that journey to paradise. When it's time to fix dinner, maybe I will chop the broccoli before I put the water on to boil, and then maybe I'll wait until after the broccoli is parboiled before I put the potato in the microwave. Then I'll force myself to just lie on the couch in the living room and stare up at the ceiling and do absolutely NOTHING for the 7 and a half minutes it takes to nuke the potato. I won't lie there and try to figure out how reality works, or how to undo patterns in my consciousness that I don't want anymore. I'll just lie there and stare at the ceiling. Blankly. Nothingness. The first step on the road to paradise.

Or I may throw it all into chaos and make nachos instead. It's that "spontaneity" wild card that is always throwing everything into chaos around here.

Well, we'll see how it all plays out later on. Meanwhile, yes, I have a lot I want to get done today, so I'm gonna get crackin' around here!! Oh. Before I go, though, I want to give a shout out to Kim Brittingham. I won a contest she sponsored on twitter and my prizes were these really great journals that arrived yesterday. Kim has a book out about memoir writing and you can find out about it at : Write That Memoir Right Now.com

Okay, now I really am going to scoot. Have a terrific hump day, gang, whatever you're doing and/or trying not to do! Thanks for visiting!! See ya.