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Happy Saturday morning, gang!
"...by far her most ambitious and impressive achievement to date." -- reader review

I've been up since 5:05 AM, but "getting started" was a little slow going around here. My new favorite thing in the world is dry Cinzano & soda on the rocks with a slice of lemon. Turns out that if you have "a few" of these in the evening, it makes you "not in a big rush" to leap out of bed the following morning.

The upside (assuming that you think the above-mentioned is the "downside") (and if you do, then you're a workaholic, comme moi !)? Well, the upside is that it does make those fireflies in your incredibly green summer yard seem especially entrancing at nightfall. So you can't beat that, right???

So, at 6:05 AM, I went down to the sun room to open the door b/c I prefer screen doors to closed doors and AC, as loyal readers of this lofty blog must know so well by now... and what to my wondering eyes should appear??? Yay!! A little bunny from the park next door, hopping over to the bird seed area of my yard! The birdseed is actually a mixture of stuff that also includes kernels of corn.

The little bunny looked just thrilled -- seriously. He was early, so he was the only critter of any kind out there. He hopped right into the middle of the pile of seeds (a ton of them spill down from the bird feeder), and just began nibbling away. He was at it for about 20 minutes, folks. Of course, the birds began to come by then, too, and eat from the same pile of seeds, but you could see they were keeping to the perimeter b/c the little bunny has enormous feet and is still learning all about the nature of this "physical reality" thing. (Little sparrows to young bunny: "Hey! Watch those big feet, pal! We're trying to eat here!") Too cute!!

Well, loyal readers of this lofty blog who have been loyally-reading since at least Easter, no doubt recall that I bought a really cute Easter rabbit on clearance at the grocery store this past spring. (This is not a living rabbit, although I treat it like one! His name is Randy.) Randy was originally priced at $10 and that seemed ridiculously high to me, so I didn't buy it right at Easter, even though I thought it was really cute. I waited until he was 70% off and then I snatched him right up. You know though; it's all relevant. If it was, like, a bobble-head of Johnny Depp dressed like an Easter rabbit, ten dollars would have seemed like a steal and I might have bought ten of them, you know? Just cornered the market on bobble-headed Johnny Depps dressed like Easter rabbits. But that's b/c it would have just been stupidly ridiculous, and I find myself curiously drawn to the stupidly ridiculous. My wallet opens right up. In fact, the ONLY piece of Pirates of the Caribbean official merchandise I ever bought was the Pirates of the Caribbean official Pez Dispenser. When I saw that, I positively flung it into my shopping cart. OMG!! -- you know?? Flip back Johnny Depp's head and candy pops out! Welcome to Bizzaro-land, gang!!

Anyway, back to Randy. Randy has a privileged place on the nightstand next to my bed b/c I absolutely love looking at him. I talk to him -- not at length, or anything. I say things like, "Hey, Randy! How are you today, buddy?" And all 3 of the cats, at various times, have been curiously curious about Randy. There's something strangely life-like about his little face. Honestly. He looks kind of real. And the cats will back me up on this.

Well, this morning, after discovering that my backyard will no doubt be a haven for rabbits this summer, I wondered if perhaps Randy has totemic qualities. If it is perhaps the Power of  Randy that is drawing the rabbits here? You never know, gang. It's something to think about. (Assuming you have absolutely nothing else going on in your brain, that is...)

So here is a current photo of Randy, for those of you who weren't loyally-reading this blog back at Easter. And (if you're reading this on my main blog, http://blog.marilynjayelewis.com) a photo of my summer quilt! Yay! The reason I include this extra-special-bonus photo is b/c I've had this quilt since I was 5 years old. Considering that, you know, I'm going to be fifty-one in thirty-five days (don't worry, gift suggestions will follow here soon!), the quilt is in pretty darned good shape, don't you think???

Okay, gang. have a terrific Saturday, wherever you are! Thanks for visiting. I love each and every one of you!!