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Happy Coincidence

Well, I loved Moonrise Kingdom. It did not disappoint! In fact, it went so far as to surprise in several areas of the story -- which is rare these days, isn't it, gang? So imagine my happy delight when I came home that very evening only to discover that Johnny Depp is set to star in Wes Anderson's next feature, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

[A note on the photo included in the above-linked article:  What the fuck was he looking at??? Jesus Christ, gang, I don't know. Could they have found a more shockingly hollow-looking photo of him?? Please don't make me get out my sled dog photos again...]

Okay, yes, I digress. The fact is, I am pleased as punch about this announcement because, not only do I enjoy Wes Anderson's films, I would really, really love to see Johnny Depp in something a little smaller, quirkier, more tangentially emotional than he has done in a really long time. So, as much as I think he needs a vacation (!!), I will be really eager to see this new film. I don't care how old this means I will be on the evening that it premieres in the theaters. That is how selfless I am about seeing this project getting under way and reaching completion!

Speaking of me getting old... yes, this weekend is my 52nd birthday!! Well, Sunday only, actually. While I did apparently take my time coming down the birth canal -- even back then, I was not a huge fan of "being here" -- still, it didn't take me an entire weekend to get born. In honor of the big day, I am taking another happy little road trip in my 1997 Camry with the AWESOMELY GREAT air conditioning!! (It's supposed to be a balmy 92 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday...)

I am looking forward to my little trip. After I come home, I will have one week before school starts. After that, I will be in school un-endingly for the next 4 to 6 years. (I am taking Adult Continuing Education courses, so that means one class every 5 weeks until I either die or get my various degrees, whichever comes first!)

However, I will also still be working on screenplays for women's television, and writing/editing for SomethingDark.eu, so my life should be utter insanity, as usual, gang. The only difference is that, at the other end of all the insanity, this time I will be a minister, instead of just someone who is insane for no discernible reason.

Ha ha. Yes. As Dick Rowland of Metro said in 1919, about the launching of United Artists, "The lunatics are running the asylum." Of course, he was talking about the movies, not the "Church"...

Anyway. Okay, Another hot day here today, gang. I went out at about 6:30 this morning to take my walk, and the air quality was so bad, that I only lasted about half an hour. Luckily, I will be indoors the rest of today. And my Deepak Chopra 21-Day Meditation Challenge is going pretty well. We are on Day 3. I liked Day 1 the best so far, but onward. But I do feel really braced, inside and out, to face this sweltering day.

All right -- make it a good one, gang, wherever you are and whatever the temperature may be in your neck of the woods. Thanks for visiting!! See ya!

[Onward Happy Sled Dogs...]