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Good morning, gang!

Okay, some housekeeping updates first.

If you are following the Black Marks Literary Awards on twitter, thanks for following and sometime this week, we will start following you, too! We are still tying up loose ends here and in California, but we are getting your emails. Thanks!

Also, just so you know, the hard drive on my computer is on its very last legs and will go at any moment. I am hoping to get a new one put in before the old one dies for good. (Can you say, "back up your computer every 5 minutes"???) My computer crashes about 15 times a day, now. I am not exaggerating, sadly enough.

But if for some reason you suddenly see me either a.) stop posting to the blog entirely; or b.) posting from my cell phone again (wasn't that a successful experiment in insanity???), then you'll know why!!

Wow, so, like, yeah -- I am taking a lot of meetings these days and a lot of conference calls. And also reading/editing a ton of manuscripts. I totally dig it! That said, though, I did play hooky at lunch time on Monday and went and saw The Rum Diary again. The ticket cost me a whopping $4. Yay. But then I went and bought popcorn and a Coke, and what did that cost me? $11, gang!! Is that not ludicrous??? Plus, they placed before me on the counter a container of popcorn that was actually bigger than my head. I stared at it and said, "Is that what I ordered?"

Eager young counter guy: "Yep. That's what'cha ordered."

Me (heavy sigh): "Oh well. What's scary is that I'll probably eat it all." [She did -- Ed.]

So there I was, in the movie theater at the gazillion-plex fresh from a meeting. I was tres chic in my hounds-tooth skirt with matching coat (seriously, I actually did that -- I bought a wool skirt with a matching fall coat; not a blazer, not a jacket, an actual wool coat. I bought the outfit two years ago already and just wore it for the first time to a meeting on Monday; you never know what's likely to come out of my closet, gang!), my black tights, black flats, my black sweater with the tasteful pearl buttons, my Vera Wang handbag that matched the stupefyingly chic little silk scarf at my throat -- and I was absolutely the only person in the entire theater!! I don't know; I thought that was really funny.

Well, okay. God knows I've got stuff to do around here so I better get crackin'. (Just FYI, one of the projects I am working on is a cookbook with Valerie in Brooklyn. I can't say more than that about the premise right now, but I will say that it's super cute and super fun. I'm so excited about it!!! That's one of the projects on my plate for today.)

Here's hoping you've got something equally cute, fun, unexpected going on in your neck of the woods. Thanks for visiting, gang!! See ya.

[The gal above was actually in the same movie-ticket line as me, but they decided she wasn't quite chic enough so they sent her home...Stakes are high on Mondays at noon at the gazillion-plex!]