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2 exceptionally wonderful things!

It's been a rough week and a half. In addition to Bill's suicide and what that did to my reality for a few days, there was also another tragedy of similar proportions that threw me for a loop last week. Because of that, I didn't really want to post to my blog last Thursday that it was the 86th anniversary of Rudolph Valentino's death -- but it was.

In honor of that, though, we come to the first exceptionally wonderful thing! I am posting the really cool photo below. (I don't own the rights to this photo, btw.) (Big surprise, there -- do I ever own the rights to any of these images I "find" online? I think not!!) (And oddly enough, the people who do own the rights to all these images I "find" online never once considered them lost!! OWNERS OF IMAGES I "FIND" ONLINE: "Oh!! Thanks for finding that for me, Marilyn!! Who knew it was right here on my own hard drive the entire time!!")

Okay.... The other exceptionally wonderful thing is that apparently -- and perhaps due to how wildly popular it was when TCM showed Singin' in the Rain in theaters nationwide for one night only in July (well, okay, they did an encore showing last week but I had way too much on my plate to go back and see it again at that point, but I wanted to); next up will be Hitchcock's The Birds!! I can't fucking wait!! Yay!! I have never seen a Hitchcock movie in an actual theater before. And if you have ever seen The Birds, you will already know how splendidly fun, campy, and all-out creepy that movie is!!

The Birds will be showing for one show only, nationwide, on Wednesday, September 19th at 7 PM.

Okay, gang. That is it for now. Back to the homework!! I leave you with the parting shot of one of the coolest movie stars of all time, as he peruses a small stack of his fan mail. (His birthday was back in May -- he would have been a spritely 117 years old!!)