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Eternal manifestation first went digital and now it has gone Hollywood. It's all a bit of a blue-tinged shame how it all went down. I had good friends, neat glasses and popcorn to make it all quite palatable, my intention on the way to the theatre was not to criticize but to be terribly and...
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On December 23rd I walked the line we've all walked before. Single file through the cold and the snow, we march along. In the back of our minds might have been the list of last minute holiday tasks. There is the tree and there are the gifts, there are the people we want to touch and to remember...
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House Slippers
Walking changes everything. Through streets or country rambles, this basic act liberates the mind from the responsibility of traveling all alone. There are other modes of movement, of course, but none so fundamental to our sense of individuality. Every child must learn to walk. When the days are...
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I am living in a kaleidoscope of winter.past present, all of it a televised fictionthe language of perception is changingthe landscape is shifting pixels   (more later, once I have a chance to process...)
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I remember Christmastime. I recall "Gloria in Excelsis Deo," singing that chorus from the top of my uniformed lungs. I went to Catholic school and had devout parents. When I wrote my first poem, it was about Midnight Mass. Imagine, all the hopes of the world, pinned to a child. Imagine...
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To think about the times is one of those daydreaming aspects of being a writer. We never know what will come of the moments where we find ourselves alone. It's the day after Thanksgiving and I consider an old poem. I walk along the beach collecting feathers from seagulls and looking for shells. I...
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If you know of Karen Armstrong you might already know of her TED prize wish, The Charter for Compassion. The charter was launched on November 12th and I highly recommend the site. As writers, some of the stories might inspire us to explore characters too rich for us to dream, as human beings they...
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Pigeon in a cup
All day the wind blew steady. The sun shone strong. The birds flew and the leaves fell. Across the sky, clouds and airplanes made fleeting appearances. Today is November 2nd, A Day of the Dead, the Day of All Souls.  In churches they lit candles for those that they miss. They prayed for their...
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Cow with Wings, 2009
He asked me if my eyes were blue. I answered "Yes," they are. They are the color given to me by my grandmothers. Hand-me down eyes, hand-me down name. Inheritance is what you make of it. Perception is the true name of the game. If you've ever prepared for something for a long time there...
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New York will always retain its mystery. Whether I leave this hour or stay until I have no more left, this city remains a chameleon, a magician. New York is a wizened grin offering comfort with its smoke and mirrors. Like a burlesque performer hiding with a flick of the wrist, some bubbles and some...
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Butterfly Wings
Tim Lawrence's new book, Hold Onto Your Dreams is a highly readable account of deceased composer Arthur Russell's personal and professional journey through life. From his original search for enlightenment which took him from his hometown of Oskaloosa, Iowa to San Francisco at the height of the 60s...
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Mirror Ball
I get a lot of heat from well heeled friends about the length of years I've spent dancing. I'm here to say that it's true, a DJ has more than once saved my life. I have been saved from inertia, from racing thoughts and from isolation. On a good dance floor there is community, especially in the...
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When first I moved to the city I knew I'd relish life boxed inside those walls. I knew that poems would come and that life would be lived with intensity. I knew so much of what would happen but so little of the particulars. One can imagine at the sea that the waves will be wet and that the sky...
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Dear Participants of the UN General Assembly: The last few days, I'm in a funk. According to Dr. Oz on the Oprah website that's fine. I can take some macca or some ginseng. According to Maureen Dowd's Op-Ed from September 19th in the New York Times, it's to be expected. Overall, women aren't very...
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So here it is, 2009. It is not a Tuesday with the clearest warm and welcoming sky. I woke up and listened to the AM radio. I heard there was a fire. I called my friend, tried to tell her to get out. I never reached her, but she got out. Most of the people I know did get out and a few did not. Of...
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