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New on my Blog: Street Signals
Bushwick wall

It's time to shake my tree, time to get my feet moving again, so today I started a new series on my blog called, Street Signals. I figured it's time to organize my website and all the crazy types of writing I put on there. I pity those people who try to keep up with my untamed mind and have decided that in fact, I pity myself a little, too. So, please come and read the first entry! It has a little bit to do with what I saw and felt on a very recent and very short trip. Hopefully more and longer trips will result, otherwise I'll just have to keep up with my musings live from New York. A long time ago, in a far away life I learned to look at the streets for signs as to who we are as a society. Recently I had an essay published in the first book by what is now going on as Pantheon Projects, in it I reflect on knowledge I've learned as watcher of street art and as an interviewer of various street artists. Hopefully anything you see tagged as a Street Signal will draw you deeper into my personal landscape and maybe encourage your own appreciation of one of the most open source indicators of what's going on in our world; the streets. I really do believe they're alive.

I will post the Pantheon Essay to Redroom soon (promise) for now it's available either through purchase of the Pantheon NYC catalog, which boasts writing by Charles Ahearn and others along with great photos by the likes of Luna Park, or as a Free PDF Download on my site.