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My Version 2.0 Revised
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A friend of mine recently was working on something and she was truly jazzed about everything 2.0. Internet, democracy, capitalism; all the leaders of note were talking about the next thing, 2.0. They're realizing it's time to overhaul whatever it is that they do. Now, I think this is great, I'm all for innovation. However, I generally don't think that most of them are radical enough. An internet 2.0 means very little to me if it's mired in government controls and censorship and let's not forget the terribly, tightly controlled American Telecom Industry. Democracy, OK I'm into that 2.0, but that means a lot more destabilization before it hits the big senate houses at any state or federal level. I mean, honestly, we have so many political families controlling most small towns that democracy 2.0 sounds like we've got a better chance of finding a Louisiana judge who isn't making money from investments in the local business, which, if you didn't know, is oil. And so it goes...

I don't believe most individuals are bad. I believe the systems they live in are also pretty good, just old. And to move on, the system must change. It must change so much that it almost does have to kill itself and then be reborn very quickly on its own ashes. So, maybe the system must die, but not the people. The reason I believe the key to revolution this time around must be non-violent is because of a few points, firstly, this dying system is all about violence, so repeating that model is not an option. Secondly, I believe humans are almost as endangered as the animals and the rest of the planet. Of course, we protect ourselves in line with our hubris, but still, I don't think it's going to be good enough to keep us from feeling what is going to happen in quicker and deadlier turns. Thirdly, I've got this notion that no one wants to be fiddling while Rome burns (and Rome here is not a stand-in for Washington, substitute Paris, Rio, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Peshawar, etc. etc.) and that with all of the possibilities of awareness plus our technology, we could really do this. So, to live again in this new world, we need to realize exactly the extent of our power, our agency and our potential. Scary stuff, but hey, millions of gallons of oil pulsing into the Gulf of Mexico isn't so rosy either. Think, as they say in the international press, think Chernobyl.

My Version 2.0 came up bubbling from skin. It fired a few short lines through my brain and down to my pen (I think did actually use a pen that day).  My 2.0 came from watching someone I love negotiate his own mortality and a world he felt had outpaced him. Some days, although so young still, I understand a world that seems to be moving so quickly that I simply can't keep up. Yesterday's hot topic is today's nothing-much. Last week's outrage seems to pale in comparison to this week's new slight or absolute abuse of my trust. I'm just a pawn, but boy, do I feel like one!

I like to think the world is ending. In fact, I think the world as we knew it did in fact, end. Alaskan production of oil peaked in 1998. Oil production pretty much everywhere has peaked. So, maybe 2.0 isn't so much of a vision as it is a necessity. Maybe revolution isn't so much of a rebellion as it is the recognition and the inevitability of evolution.

You can read Version 2.0 here. Substitute "Gulf duck" for "Alaskan duck" and it will, remarkably be revised and timely. I guess the future unfolds faster than we think, right before our eyes. I'd love to know if this is happening to others and if you can imagine your own 2.0...

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I'm thinking nothing will

I'm thinking nothing will change -nothing can change- until we get that mad shopper out of our head; until we stop buying into the idea that everything's for sale; the idea that we gotta have it, gotta have it all, gotta have it now, regardless of cost, or our existence is meaningless.

I'm not sure most people are willing to bite that bullet. After all, we've bee sucking off that same tit for ages now. Not to mention the fact that the vendors will not take kindly to any efforts made to wean ourselves; will likely step up their ad campaigns, both overt and subliminal, and manage the market all the more closely, the same way the dealer does when there's movement afoot to clean up the drug market.

2.0? Ah 'tis a proposition deevoutly to be wished.

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Ties that bind


You bring up the less than rosy side, the one I avoid for exactly the reasons you point out. Ah, you are right on target, as per usual...

It's annoying, to carry a coffee cup and a reusable water bottle. It's so, so much easier to walk around with a chic cup saying, "I spend a lot of money on my coffee." It's also fun to have a closet full of new things and the latest trend items. It's good to know we can remain overweight and the doctor can give us pills for our ills. It's nice to know we can keep our houses clean with brightly colored bottles that will kill the thing we fear the most, odors.

It's really about inner-revolution and as sunny as I paint it, it's only to dispel the fear. The reality is it takes action, dedication and here's the big one...independence to imagine the next iteration of this world.

To quote Sam Cooke, "A change is gonna come..." so whether or not we're ready for it, is quite definitely up to us.

Great to hear from you!! M